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[Empire] <Raise Your Eyes> is looking for 1 DPS for *blind* raiding!

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[Empire] <Raise Your Eyes> is looking for 1 DPS for *blind* raiding!

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09.20.2021 , 03:54 AM | #1
<Raise Your Eyes> is a small group of friends jumping into SWTOR to get a break from WoW.
We had the idea to experience all of SWTOR's raids in chronological order and without any help from outside sources, meaning we must figure out every encounter for ourselves.

We are short 1 DPS and are looking for people *who have never done SWTOR raids* to join us on this adventure! No experience is needed we are just looking for more friends to have fun with, this is a very casual endeavor to get a break from hardcore WoW raiding.

We raid Wed/Sat 10pm-Midnight EST, reach out to thatdwarf#3211 on Discord for more info/any questions!
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11.28.2021 , 11:19 PM | #2
Sent you a friend request on Discord: Volt