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Trash-free flashpoints?

Townowi's Avatar

04.10.2020 , 08:57 AM | #21
I know that I also suggested a separate GF queue in the past, not so much to keep rushers out (I accepted that, even in more difficult content, such as Meridian, people would still rush it, the biggest difference being the skill floor to clear the content), but based on their difficulty instead, with higher rewards from FPs in the advanced queue.

As for a separate queue without trash, the most workable would be refitting VM, in which case bonus bosses should be unlockable unconditionally (much like 5.0 FPs' bonus bosses are unlockable unconditionally and hence I always ask for these when I run 5.0 FPs and Meridian) yet I acknowledge that doing this would make the transition from VM to MM harder than it currently is (and not just because people wouldn't be able to LOS for grouping unavoidable trash or sneak past trash that can be avoided, but these would be the primary things that would make transition from VM to MM harder if VM was trash-free and MM wasn't), and some FPs have trash-dependent objectives (Korriban, Blood Hunt) so these would be the hardest to rework.

However, Kaon is an outlier, where there just wouldn't be a story without trash.
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04.10.2020 , 10:34 AM | #22
Quote: Originally Posted by Townowi View Post
and some FPs have trash-dependent objectives (Korriban, Blood Hunt) so these would be the hardest to rework.
Perhaps this is an indication that the simple trash // boss dichotomy is false. Perhaps there are *three* categories of enemies in an FP:
* Trash Mobs (a good example being those guys between Yadira Bann and The General in BT - they serve no purpose other than to consume time).
* Bosses (needs no explanation).
* Objective Enemies (e.g. the four commanders in Korriban on the way to the droid boss)

Clearly a trash-free FP has no Trash Mobs, but equally clearly, if it is to have the minimum possible structural modification, it must have Objective Enemies if the full-whack version has Objective Enemies.

One might even argue that the guys in Korriban that accompany the commanders are Trash Mobs, while the commanders themselves are Objective Enemies.
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04.13.2020 , 11:47 AM | #23
I look at Flashpoints like songs. A good one has lyrics (mobs) that lead to the chorus (bosses). The player doesn't even notice too much trash in a well balanced flashpoint. It needs to breath like a good song with parts that slow down or different types of dynamics. There could be cool scenery, areas, rooms, or things like the tram in MR or large elevators in Cad.

The last created Flashpoint in Corellia, I think, is absolutely aweful. Nothing but cityscape brown yuck, boring scenery, boring mob groups. I didn't think the bosses are very interesting. Again, imo. Whereas, DoM if very interesting with varied levels and interesting boss fights. BH has interesting boss fights. Kaon and LI are great FPs.

juliushorst's Avatar

04.18.2020 , 06:34 AM | #24
I wouldn't be opposed to a new type of content based on boss runs. Uprisings which were mostly based on fighting trash mobs turned out to be rather unpopular so I wonder if something opposite could work.
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04.19.2020 , 02:31 PM | #25
I have no problem with trash in flashpoints, when it's inserted skillfully. I would hate a flashpoint with absolutely no trash and I don't want a 2nd Theoretika. But Iif it gets too tedious, repetitive, or even has way too high a HP pool, it gets lazy and becomes a time sink; Chiss trash was overwhelmingly a failure based on all of this. People have wasted half an hour fighting through the city and then having no idea what they're facing with the Guardian Droid and Syndic Zenta because the frash was so mindless.

Good trash should be like a good SM Op, it should prepare you mechanically for the big fish or the harder modes, no more and no less than that. Trash that only serves as a cheap way to keep you playing longer should be removed until something more creative is thought up.

Shirvington's Avatar

04.24.2020 , 02:25 AM | #26

Uprisings were supposed to be quick, tight FPs. Before they dropped, I imagined they were going to be basically "trash free FPs," boss to boss to boss. BW had the perfect venue to make exactly what you describe.... and they screwed it up. A lot of Uprisings have more trash than FPs, or escorts, or time-gated mechanics that actually cause them to take longer to run. So between the difficulty and the extra time to run, no one really runs them. Shame, because I'd rather do a quick couple boss fights rather than slog through boring trash.

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04.24.2020 , 04:46 AM | #27
trash is fine, give us more ledges to push them off of

Darkrebellord's Avatar

04.28.2020 , 07:14 AM | #28
They need to fix up the sith sorcerers and Jedi sages they have weaken them so much in favour of gun trotters they are virtually useless in flashpoints,

as for trash then most of the flashpoints are trash these days and pointless like operations as you can never get in operation with be kicked out or they wont invite you cause you do not meet there selfish attitudes,

I ran in to so many twits in this game who think they are above everyone else but it nice to be able to continue to use cheats programs particularly with warzones and I seen some very strange activity in flashpoints and operations that is not part of the game while most of us can not do those moves.