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Loadouts Feedback Thread

First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

CeciliaW's Avatar

12.30.2021 , 12:58 PM | #61
Field re-spec doesn't work. I can understand if y'all don't want us switching between classes in FPs and such, but please fix it so we can switch between dps and heals. I really don't want to drop q's when the group finder matches multiple heals/tanks in one group which would cause the fp to go two-three times as long as it should. I just want to be able to switch from dps to heals on the fly to help my group out - like I do on live. Otherwise, the point of loadouts gets seriously nerfed.

SeCKSEgai's Avatar

12.31.2021 , 01:09 AM | #62
The concept of loadouts is fine --- and it mostly works when you stick to the same advanced class.

But if you want to swap between two separate classes it just falls apart to the point it wasn't worth bothering to save a loadout at all.
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12.31.2021 , 09:27 AM | #63
I like the loadouts, but... do I have to rearrange my keybindings every time I change a loadout? That feel cumbersome and I probably won't use them as much as I could if that's the case.

WHstwroATo's Avatar

01.02.2022 , 03:20 PM | #64
Loadouts are sometimes easy to accidentally overwrite with something else.

At the moment the only thing that makes me not want to use them much is when all the abilities jump all over the place on the quick bars and have to move them to the correct places every time.

poekipelzball's Avatar

01.02.2022 , 04:02 PM | #65
It has definitely been brought up, but to add to the voices asking for this: I understand not wanting people to swap specs once inside a dungeon/warzone/operation, but could you please let us respec while in the queue and when it has popped before zoning in, since otherwise queueing as a healer but wanting to do anything else while waiting is terribly tedious! If I queue as a DPS/Healer it'd be nice to actually be able to swap to the role the game has assigned me.

I'd also rather like to have ways to add icons and keybinds to different loadouts for faster switching, also perhaps the instance switch restriction doesn't need to be there for solo flashpoints?

Other than that I like the setup, even if right now the UI is still a bit cumbersome and hard to navigate. I've been lucky not having too many bugs switching between loadouts and having keybinds or gear vanish, maybe that is linked to swapping between mirrors (inquisitor to consular, albeit sorc to shadow)?

Sarova's Avatar

01.02.2022 , 04:47 PM | #66
Quote: Originally Posted by SeCKSEgai View Post
But if you want to swap between two separate classes it just falls apart to the point it wasn't worth bothering to save a loadout at all.
Yep, this has gone to **** to be honest. I had not used loadouts since the last version of the PTS patch. In that version of the PTS loadouts worked fine; once you set up your loadouts (one for each spec I chose) and saved them it worked really well. Now it is an utter disaster loadouts remember nothing, saves the incorrect skill (mine is saving Guardian for Assassin and Assassin for Guardian), fails to load your weapons, fails to save your ability bars and is very frustrating (more so since I experienced it when it did work). It does not bode well for live if they could mess up working loadouts so badly between PTS patches.
And you can't reset ore reorder the loadout list which, if they did work, would be required.
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01.03.2022 , 05:20 PM | #67
I've been playing around with loadouts a lot and had a bunch of issues;
  • Swapping between specs screws up the quickbar locaitons; the workaround is to swap via another class... meaning the issue is that you don't clear between swaps
  • WHY isn't there a way to save loadouts so that you can copy them to other toons?
  • WHY does the currently used loadout auto-update instead of it beign something YOU save??? I can't take gaer off without it removing it from my loadout
  • Swapping loadout gear does NOT swap the right side implant and relic, despite the two having different ones (tank vs DPS) - super annoying. Again, just have these take EVERYTHING off before putting things on again to fix
  • Since you have all the tabs, there really is NO excuse to have to click details in order to see the important stats - the dmg/surv/supp is useless and just going to be harder to explain things to new players. Just make the info a scroll area on the left and the 3 (silly) stats under the toon or something, if you insist on them.

Nepthen's Avatar

01.08.2022 , 08:47 AM | #68
As others have stated, there are some issues with Loadouts right now, mainly that if you start playing around with your character and switch anything, it automatically overwrites your current Loadout. The workaround is to create a dummy Loadout that you use to create actual Loadouts.... for example, I made Loadout 1 called "Building" and I switch to it before I start making a new Loadout. I'll then save that new Loadout to a free slot and start over. Ideally, Loadouts never save without the person actively choosing to save it or at least some kind of warning.

As others have stated, I really think you should do something about not being able to respec within Operations. I can understand the GF aspect of this but groups who literally walk into the ops should be able to swap freely. I should be able to swap from Sentinel to Sage for RDPS on some bosses without having to leave the operation first. Just my two cents. Or, if your tank/healer leaves... now someone has to run out to swap to tank/healer so the group can continue on. Currently, you can just respec. If I overlooked something and this actually is doable, I apologize.
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01.16.2022 , 10:14 PM | #69
Not sure if this has been brought up already, but I found a problem when I had different loadouts for different specs. In my case, I had a loadout for Marksmanship sniper and Virulence sniper. Both have the ability Snipe, and even though for one loadout I put Snipe in quickbar slot 2 and for the other I put it in slot 5 with Ambush in slot 2, when I switched from the first loadout to the second, Snipe would be in both slots 2 and 5, and Ambush was not on my bar. So it seems if two specs share an ability, it will remain in the same slot on the bar even if the second loadout has that ability in a different slot.