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Guardian DPS LF VM or NiM Ops guild/team

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Guardian DPS LF VM or NiM Ops guild/team

Forcebyno's Avatar

05.02.2021 , 11:24 PM | #1

I'm a guardian dps currently looking for a team to do VM or NiM operations with. I'm open to doing ops on any day beside Tuesday or Wednesday. I do semi-hardcore raiding in another MMO, so I know how to learn and execute my rotation and learn fights. I've done a lot of SM ops, and can parse at least 20k dps on a 6.5m hp dummy.

If you think you have an opening for me or any further inquiries, my preferred method of contact is to dm me on discord at my tag, 'that's kinda sus bro#7785', or you can contact my character 'Force Win' in-game by sending mail or whispering me if I'm online, or posting on this page. Thank you for your time.