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LF 2 Co GMs to run guild

Rengo_Fett's Avatar

05.03.2021 , 12:23 PM | #1
I own 2 guilds that are my own, both imperial and republic side. I'm looking for a Co GM to run pubside and impside parts of the guild. Funding is available if required for what not. Guild giveaways, gear, cosmetics can be and will be funded depending on how things go. Discord is a must and we'll be using the discord server for all members that join the guild.

I'm looking to make the guild a medium sized conquest/rp/raiding guild. Basically have everything in it. As of now it's just alt storage and needs more use out of it. Please PM me with your discord tag so that we can go into more detail.

Open spots:
Pubside Co GM 0/1
Impside Co GM 0/1

Kalnarius's Avatar

05.22.2021 , 06:12 AM | #2
I would suggest if you haven't found 2 Co GMs yet that you be cautious as to whom you have as your Co GMS. There are quite a few players in the game that would accept the role only to either break off and form their own guild or steal yours if you have to pass the guild off for whatever reason like having to go preferred or going inactive beyond the time limit that would allow you to keep your guild. While there are some good players that you could certainly trust there are tons more that you cannot trust. Also be cautious of CO GMs doing too much some guildies would want them to be guild leader instead of you if you are not careful. It does happen.