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Thats no guild.... Its a Battleparty!

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Thats no guild.... Its a Battleparty!

TheVoyant's Avatar

05.03.2021 , 10:34 AM | #1
I have heard so many horror stories about guilds that I don't even feel comfortable calling us a guild. It's more like coming to your favorite bar where...uhm everyone knows your imaginary name. 😉 There's no drama, no power struggles, no trolling, no politics or milky way problems infecting our play experience. Just players of every skill level and tier. I am just now opening recruitment back up a bit as we throttled due to a massive influx and I didn't want anyone to get lost in the shuffle.

We do every type of content, and if its something we for some reason haven't done... We'll be excited for a new challenge.

We are currently mostly looking for a couple more prog/NiM farm team candidates that can mesh with our no bossing/no egos vibe. We basically just don't mesh with anyone who tries to be pushy or "control" the group. Works for some but thats a no fly zone round these parts, instead we treat every one like adults and just have someone take point based on their familiarity and ability to communicate in a way that doesn't remove enjoyment from the experience.... Because its a game.

Not looking for NiM or HM, thats totally ok! If you're trying to find a relaxed home and can abide by our "be cool" approach hit me up in game "Craedin" or if I am on one of my many, many alts you can also reach out to us via our in game channel "/cjoin armada"

Either way guys have a blast out there and hope you find whatever you're looking for!

LucifersWilly's Avatar

05.18.2021 , 04:31 AM | #2
hey man id defiantly like to join your battle party, are yall empire by chance?