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Light Side(Jedi Counsulor) is excruciatingly dull(possible spoilers).

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Light Side(Jedi Counsulor) is excruciatingly dull(possible spoilers).

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06.11.2021 , 06:06 PM | #31
Quote: Originally Posted by AshaSanlo View Post
That's just the way Zenith is. He's a jerk. I love him, but his idea of being "nice" is not shooting to kill.
Absolutely. Apart from the loving him. I would happily throw him out the airlock. He is of the impression that you should fight to your last breath even if that means your children and other family are tortured and murdered. He can say that because he didn't have children and as such, never had to watch them suffer.

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06.11.2021 , 10:34 PM | #32
Quote: Originally Posted by rumpol View Post
Zeniths actions are absolutely not justified. He, in fact, acts the same way as the Empire. He doesn't care about the reasons, if you dealt in any way with the Empire, you are a traitor and deserve to be killed.
Exactly. The funny part is that for all that Zenith talked up Gray Star, their leadership, etc., it was Gray Star's choice to put those people into hiding. It was Gray Star's choice that those people be protected. But none of that mattered to Zenith. Zenith would have shot them on sight but instead decided to use them for political gain.

Quote: Originally Posted by JJKerryee View Post
Ultimately, we don't have enough information about the subject...
Exactly. We do not know enough about the situation. Gray Star certainly had a reason for protecting those people and we do not know what that reason was. Did Gray Star know that these people only collaborated out of survival? Because these people could not watch their children starve to death? Because they were actually put there by Gray Star to feed information to the Empire that Gray Star wanted the Empire to have? All that we do know is that Gray Star wanted them protected and Zenith decided to ignore that and use them for political gain.
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