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Mail bug - sent credits as cod and cant recover them

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Mail bug - sent credits as cod and cant recover them

AngelYlusie's Avatar

05.20.2022 , 06:27 PM | #1
Somehow I sent credits in COD format and now I cant retrieve them. I have made in-game tickets and the support team said it was a bug. They couldnt recreate it so they sent me to make a bug report. I made a bug report a week ago and I havent received credits nor anything back.
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UlaVii's Avatar

05.21.2022 , 01:31 AM | #2
This can happen when you send more than 1 billion in a single mail. It will remain stuck as a red text COD until the mail expires and gets auto deleted. So far I haven't heard about anyone having the credits restored to them by customer service.

SteveTheCynic's Avatar

05.21.2022 , 05:13 AM | #3
I don't think "COD" is the right term. "COD" == "Cash On Delivery" is a *very* old-school way of buying stuff by mail-order (think of those times before the Internet was a thing), where the thing you ordered arrives by normal mail, and the mail carrier ("postman" for countries where it's called that) hands it over when you stump up the cash. (That's why it's *cash* on *delivery*.) Well, I say that it's "very old-school", but this system is still in heavy use in parts of Asia and Arabia.)

SWTOR has, like many MMORPGs that allow the players to mail items to each other, a checkbox that emulates this mode of operation, where the number in the "credits" box is actually a price, not an amount of credits to deliver, and the game takes the credits from the receiving character in order to unlock the ability to claim the item(s).

If you did that, *without* sending an item as well, there's a bug in the COD system, but equally you don't (or shouldn't) lose the credits because it's just a price, not an amount of money that you sent.

If you sent credits along with a mail (turn the COD checkbox *off*, which is the default setting) and can't reclaim them when the mail bounces because the receiver didn't pick up the stuff from it. (Until then, there's no way *you* can reclaim the item(s) and credits anyway.)

If you can't extract credits from a mail you *received*, check to make sure your character has enough free space below the absolute credit limit (even for subscribers) of a hair under 4.3 billion.
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UlaVii's Avatar

05.21.2022 , 05:45 AM | #4
The bug is that if you send more than a billion credits in a normal mail without the COD option ticked then when the recipient opens it they see the credits as a red text COD value with red text that they can't claim. When it is sent back to the sender they also see it as a COD value and can't retrieve the credits either. After around 30 days the mail and credits get auto-deleted.

Here's a screenshot from another thread about this:

I'm not sure if it happens every time you send over a billion or if it happens if you actually use the COD option as I'm not inclined to lose another billion to test it

AngelYlusie's Avatar

05.22.2022 , 12:36 AM | #5
Yes the credits went to 700 something million and they appear red but sometimes appear green. And Yes, if you return to sender it happens the same way. I sent 3.5B 5 times, so yeah I lost 17.5 billion and nothing from support. They marked it as a bug, the "next level' team couldnt recreate the problem so they sent me to make a bug report. Nothing from the bug report either.
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GkhnAy's Avatar

08.05.2022 , 08:40 PM | #6
Hey all,
I just got hit with this bug as well. Does it even get resolved?
I re-subbed 2 months ago, and will not be re-subbing this month (already cancelled my payment). So I have sent 2.2b I have made during this time selling embers/DPs/flagship plans etc to our guildmaster as a donation last night. I am pretty sure I did not mark it as COD, why would it deduct the credits from me if it was cod is another question anyway.
Edit: My game time is running out today, can I even make an in-game ticket after that?

OwenBrooks's Avatar

08.05.2022 , 11:34 PM | #7
Quote: Originally Posted by AngelYlusie View Post
Nothing from the bug report either.
Just to be very clear , Bug Reports will not provide you an answer or any fix to your swtor account , it will however ultimately fix the bug for everybody's account , but may or may not fix existing issues on someones account

if you want some sort of action on your account , it needs to be a ticket type that is "not" a bug report

Quote: Originally Posted by GkhnAy View Post
Edit: My game time is running out today, can I even make an in-game ticket after that?
You can post at and email