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Raid guild "Error" is looking for reinforcements. [ENG/DE]

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Raid guild "Error" is looking for reinforcements. [ENG/DE]

Bengiloser's Avatar

02.02.2020 , 11:10 AM | #1
"Error" is a guild which defines itself between "having a nice evening" and "progress". We are a bilingual (english/german) PvE focused guild consisting of new and old players. What we mean by progress, is trying to get everything out of ones character/class/discipline as well as the position in the raid group.

The core group consists of 7 players with real live, which brings us to our request.

We are looking for players who are mature, ambitious and not narrow-minded.


- Understanding of the played class
- Motivation
- Movement
- Adaptability
- Teamspeak
- Starparse
- Preparation
- Wipe resistence

We do not expect 100 % operations achievments, but we expect you to give 100 % while raiding just like the rest of us.

If you are interested reply here in the forum or message the player "Skellix".

Admission to the guild is only possible after a trial raid.

(German translation below)

"Error" ist eine Gilde die sich zwischen "einem netten Abend" und "Progress"
definiert. Wir sind eine zweisprachige (Englisch/Deutsch) PVE Endgame fokussierte Gilde, die aus neuen, sowie alten Spielern besteht. Was wir unter Progress verstehen ist das man alles aus seinem Charakter/ Klasse/ Skillung sowie Stammgruppenposition ausschöpfen kann und will !
Die Kerngruppe besteht aus 7 Spielern mit „Real live“, was uns zu unserem Anliegen bringt.

Wir suchen ein paar Spieler die erwachsen, ambitioniert und nicht engstirnig sind.


- Klassenverständnis
- Motivation
- Movement
- Anpassungsfähigkeit
- Teamspeak
- Starparse
- Vorbereitung
- „Wipe resistent“

Wir erwarten keine 100% Erfolge in Operationen. Aber wir erwarten das jedes mal wenn du
mit uns raidest du 100% gibst wie alle anderen auch.

Falls du dich angesprochen fühlst schreib uns hier im Forum an oder melde dich bei dem Spieler

Eine Aufnahme in die Gilde ist erst nach einem erfolgreichen Proberaid möglich.

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02.12.2020 , 11:54 AM | #2
2 spots are still free
( GER: 2 Plätze sind noch frei)

Cittonero's Avatar

02.16.2020 , 02:55 PM | #3
Which are your raid days/time,and which roles are you still looking for? Do you eventually have a discord channel-profile to link?

Ollmich's Avatar

02.18.2020 , 01:46 AM | #4
Same questions. What roles does your team need and when raids usually start?

Bengiloser's Avatar

02.19.2020 , 12:23 PM | #5
Our raid time is usually around 7pm GMT+1, we have a discord but dont really use it, because we like Teamspeak more and we mainly look for dps

Bengiloser's Avatar

03.08.2020 , 12:36 PM | #6
still looking for people!

joelhd's Avatar

03.09.2020 , 03:32 PM | #7
Hello! if you are in need of two full augmented dps we are here! Used to raid on the highest level in WoW. So all the req. you looking for is no prob! give a shout if you wan know more!

Bengiloser's Avatar

03.26.2020 , 03:15 PM | #8
still looking for german raiders (transformed into a full german group)

urzaplainswalker's Avatar

04.02.2020 , 04:32 PM | #9
which side? <juggernaught

Bengiloser's Avatar

04.28.2020 , 10:37 AM | #10
still have 2 spots, but are full german right now. (prefered dps or heal)