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Utilites for PT/vang tank

Nathan_Hanefort's Avatar

03.13.2020 , 05:22 AM | #1
In reddit Į got zero answers, so I will try to ask here - which utilities do you recommend for solo ranked?

Im not sure about tier 3 utility which increases damage during Power yield (looks like nonsense, I would gladly take 30 sec defense duration instead) and also not sure about stun duration increase from tier 2 and both utilities for Hidraulic overrides - DPS spec use those for kitting, but do I even have to kite as a tank?

Some explanation from experiencet PT skank tank would be nice

sebakonkol's Avatar

03.16.2020 , 05:38 AM | #2
I`m not solo ranked but I can at least say you one thing about Power Yield util. It buffs your damage by 2% per stack, so your damage will be increased by additional 10%
Its a whole lot, especially combined with Right Price set that buffs tank damage by 20% during fuel.

Petnil's Avatar

05.12.2020 , 04:09 PM | #3
my fokus would be on slowing enemies and boosting my own speed, not that i've done any pvp for the longest time. Speed is king in pvp though. Well. communication is king, but reacting to that communication can be done faster when you've got speed.

Anyways. Don't pay to much attention to me. Like i said, i haven't done any PVP in years, i mostly stoppen when arena's started popping, and not to long after that i just stopped alltogether.