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Vanguard: Tanking and You

Torvai's Avatar

05.10.2017 , 06:28 AM | #111
Quote: Originally Posted by angelpaul View Post
im looking to do pvp with my shield spec vanguard, any advice?
Taunt on cooldown, guard people that get hit. Be aware of guard range. Deactivate your guard if the person you're guarding or yourself is going anywhere else without the other one.
Annoy healers with stuns, interrupts and pulls. Alternatively, pull and stun a tank away from a healer.

Also: Refferal ads are a no go.

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08.28.2017 , 06:38 AM | #112
Yah, as of right now Vanguard Tank state is sad. Same mitigation as Guardians, but those have way better DCD. And comparing to Shadow it might come to +30% of average DTPS vs -20% DTPS, which stands Shadow tanks by 50% better, and it's outrageous. In DPS role they got 2 Defensive Cooldowns, while other classes have 3-4, + also heals, which healers classes have. Thus VG is squishiest class in PvP, and that's outrageous too. They don't have overpowered musthave perks, like Shadow and Guradians've (extend saber reflect to 5s, 60% absorption with Force Speed). Hold the Line doesn't provide defense unlike Force Speed or Blade Blitz.

Thus they need some Buff to defenses for both DPS and Tank role. One DCD like Echoing Deterrence/Responsive Safeguards wouldn't be excessive, especially as it's Reflect. Also l think getting rid of Transpose or make it avaliable for all VG disciplines. l also thought about a power with 3s duration and 30s cooldown, called, say Shield Overcharge/Shield Overload that would expel negative removable effects and increase Shield Chance by +50% (additive) for 3 seconds, which might be that kind of "block" power, what VG lacks. Like for EV ball lightnings, or Titan bombs it'd make sure hit from that is shielded guaranteed. But that might be added as replacement for totally useless Transpose, as Shield Chance makes sense only for Tanks.

Also Vanguards (not the Powertech) Riot Gas still invokes old accuracy reduction value (-30%) - bug, but l wouldn't fix it until their whole defenses are reworked.

DDaMAGEr's Avatar

09.21.2017 , 08:19 AM | #113
Looking forward for 5.5 revamps and DTPS equalization.

Also something gives me thought that Transpose/Translocate is not only totally useless, but also is totally out-of-canon as well. Because here in Star Wars universe seems teleporatation technology is privilegy of ancient and forgotten civilizations, like Gree and Rakata (or little, but very powerful factions like Dread Masters). Other "teleporatation" types are canonically justified with holography (like Scoundrel/Operative "warp" lunge to enemy/ally), force techniques or shuttles (Quick Travel). And here we have something looking copypasted from HL universe. It might be stripped from VG/PT, and then returned back as... some kind of rare device or consumable schematic, like added to those Rakata or Gree vendors...

l guess Transpose/Translocate might be replaced by requested many times short "block" type DCD, like 100% shield chance for 3-5 seconds, that l propose also make stomp all removable negative effects (other tanks have things like that). l propose default duration of Shield Overcharge/Shield Overload might be made 3 sec default, and 5 seconds with 6 pieces of equipment (instead of Riot Gas/Oil Slick), stomp debuffs at instant it's activated, and grant +100% shield chance for duration. In addition reduces damage taken by your Guarded teammate (if present) by 15%. Cooldown is 45 seconds.