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Bugged / Missing Codex for Republic Players

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Bugged / Missing Codex for Republic Players

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10.21.2017 , 08:18 AM | #321
Does BioWare even care about the Codex and how infuriating it is for players that it's not only ridiculously incomplete after all these years, but actually WORSE now?
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04.30.2020 , 12:45 PM | #322
An updated codex tracking spreadsheet, Version April 2020, has been posted for access at, on the right hand side of the main page.

The updates are though Patch 6.0 (10/22/2019), covering the planets of Onderon and Mek-Sha. I have made changes to 312 items, which is adding 179 new entries, and updated 133 more with better details or corrections.

This sheet allows you to track by character class, and I have included identification of codices which are exclusive to that class, or are bugged, or Not achievable. Those considered “not achievable” are due to either being not applicable to your character, or may have been removed from the game and thus given a status of “lost knowledge”.
The total number of codices in the game continues to grow. In September 2014 it was 1,003. We now in March 2020 have a list of 1,323 items. Because some codices can be collected by both Republic or Empire characters these are given their own separate listings in my tracking sheet, thus totaling 1,979 target items. So for example, with my Smuggler, if I subtract the 669 items which are “Not Achievable” and the 18 which are “Bugged” I have a real target list of 1,292. I have successfully obtained 845, which is 65%! Not bad for 5 years of playing! What is a bit aggravating is that I have achieved come codices and have no idea where/how I got them!! Guess I’ll have to re-do some class stories all over again. I could also get more if some of these were not based on Mario-Jumping, an in-game skill I have yet to master.

Along with the codex information the spreadsheet also has spreadsheet tabs for “story Tracks”, Alliance companion story lines, Bounty Contract Week tracking, MCR-99 Droid tracking, and the KUAT Assembly Codes.

Have fun, stay safe and click on all the blue glowey items you can find!!
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01.12.2021 , 04:33 PM | #323

For Ord Mantell: Smuggler - the two species that smugglers get - if you have doen the quest but did not get the codex entry on your smuggler, what do you do?