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Conquest & Login Rewards, need (put mildly) a major boost!

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Conquest & Login Rewards, need (put mildly) a major boost!

Strathkin's Avatar

09.18.2021 , 09:22 PM | #1
There are some nicer ones for sure, yet many could see them increased. I mean a 5k credit voucher, is interesting at best, even at 15k isn't very much! So they could also boost the Conquest Rewards at 50k, or the weekly one 7 days later far more too!

Yet as I stated, it's been a LONG time since we've seen improvements to CONQUEST rewards, the vast majority can't claim a Planet every 3 months!!!
╘ these are mildly tame enhancements, with (focus) to boost Conquest rewards a bit more!
╘ this is but one I don't see in Conquests, perhaps there's others as well...
╘ this isn't really open either, yet with a return to Mana in 7.0 maybe it will be in future? Who knows...

Who knows be nice to see some Planetary Missions and new Heroic area's in time...

If only (some) were expanded into more open worlds, as the person below identified... ...expand a few more to Raid or Control.

Thoughts on this?
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turbomagnus's Avatar

09.18.2021 , 10:54 PM | #2
I suspect Darvannis doesn't appear in Conquest since it's not really an 'open-world' planet like, say, Alderaan or Tatooine.

Strathkin's Avatar

09.19.2021 , 11:06 PM | #3
Yea perhaps, just too bad we couldn't conquer a few more planets. Maybe some day they'll add a more open environment to it, and a few Heroic's as well.

Till then, mostly wanted focus on improving some Login Rewards, and also perhaps Conquests a tiny bit more...
A constant supporter of Baby Yoda!