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Change style

Braloun's Avatar

07.31.2021 , 06:00 AM | #1

I would like to ask you please how can i change combat style. I play game primary for story and solo flashpoints with soldier vanguard and i would like change it on soldier sniper since Legacy of the sith should have allow it, but i dont know where or how can i change it.

Thank you for your help and sorry for my english

Voroschuk's Avatar

07.31.2021 , 06:17 AM | #2
Not yet) Legacy of the Sith update is under development right now, you can only see 2 combat styles on PTS (test server) and they are pretty far from being finished and you can't switch between them and customize those at the moment.

Braloun's Avatar

07.31.2021 , 12:17 PM | #3
Thanks for info!

Tenacity's Avatar

08.29.2021 , 09:34 PM | #4
Yea, we're still waiting for 7.0 to release, should be sometime this winter.

I'm looking forward to making a sniper-trooper as well, it makes so much more sense gameplay wise than what we've been stuck with all these years. What kind of soldier doesn't use cover on the battlefield? Or fights at point blank range with a rifle?
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