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Some Advice For PvP Please

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Some Advice For PvP Please

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05.16.2021 , 12:11 PM | #41
Quote: Originally Posted by cflems View Post
I watched your video
I didn't even know he posted o.....omg he's a statue that doesn't keybind. can someone claim to play mmo's for 22 years and not know how to LOS or even the most basic thing like keybinding.

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05.16.2021 , 04:57 PM | #42
Quote: Originally Posted by Altaire View Post
Who said im not figuring it out? I have already said countless times in this thread that 95% of the time i finish top for my team by quite a margin. I have presented a concern from what i see daily and in actual fact i want a mando to come here and post a screen shot of them doing 10mil heals so i can then chat either on discord or in game to thrash out the minutiae in order for me to hit the 10mil mark on a regular basis.
you haven't figured out anything, you're making excuses to not keybind which will always be multitudes more efficient than clicking no matter the class, spec, or skills being used. if you want to be effective, you have to keybind - period. the only way you could do top heals is if you're the only healer in the match, or if the healer(s) you're competing against are just as bad if not worse than you are. which i have no doubt does happen often, it has no bearing on what you would need to do to improve.

Quote: Originally Posted by Altaire View Post
A lot of the advice posts thus far are situational - ie GCD's, positioning etc. The advice given which i havent tried, i have even posted and said ive taken it on board.... An ideal would be for an accomplished mando healer to post but they seem in short supply - why is that? Merc healers seem to be in nearly every match i play but the same cant be said for mando's. This is fact.
good, while we're speaking of FACTS, here is another one; there are more mercs than mandos in queue because the imperial faction has 10x the population (if not more) than the republic does. people are playing mercenary more because most of the population prefers to play imperial side. that's it, there is no other reason. mercs do NOT have an advantage over commandos whatsoever they are basically exactly the same in terms of capability.

Quote: Originally Posted by Altaire View Post
As above - and if you read the thread you will have seen i use keybinds on my sawbones healer - because its mainly insta casts which keybinds help with. Your whole little rant here is a moot point. Yes keybinds are a significant advantage to pvp but when most of my heals are casts / channelled, with or without keybind doesnt really make much difference coz i cant cast anything whilst im waiting for one to complete. The only insta which would help is kolto bomb or procs but then im already about to double click it whilst the previous cast is going..
it's funny that you insinuate that a point is moot by making a moot point. it doesn't matter if you keybind on your op, you're trying to get better on your merc/commando. it doesn't matter if a bunch of your abilities are channeled or not. keybind your sh** and you will be more efficient.

Quote: Originally Posted by Altaire View Post
The actual nature of this thread is totally the opposite of what you are suggesting here. Im quitting because i "suck and refuse to improve"??? genuinely amazed at this comment. As above and the entire thread. Are you able to read and process words presented?
you can blame the game all you want. the truth as to why you're giving up on pvp is obvious.