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Returning player (Starting from scratch) trying to decide "best" crew skill option

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Returning player (Starting from scratch) trying to decide "best" crew skill option

mattbrowning's Avatar

02.24.2021 , 10:25 AM | #1
So I'm a returning player. Trying to decide whether I'm going to roll a IA or SI as a class. However, I enjoy crafting in games and wasn't sure in the current game if there's a "best" option for each of those classes. I may do alts in the future but I'd be playing the class as a main. I haven't thought about it much for IA, but for SI I was thinking either biochem, artifice, or synthweaving. Guess for IA biochem, cybertech or armortech. I'll be able to have 3 crew skills if that affects the answer at all.

Fdzzaigl's Avatar

04.13.2021 , 08:28 AM | #2
I've just returned for a few months myself after a long absence and my advice would be to simply level up a bunch of different ones on various characters. Many of the crafting professions have some interconnection for crafting invasion forces, dark projects and various decoration prefab kits which seem to sell well.

It's also very easy to level up crafting with the green jawa scrap you get consistently and which you can trade for level oppropriate mats (except the highest grade) on the fleet to boost your crafting to level 700.

Having various ones will also enable you to be versatile. For example: when someone is tanking the price of critical augments on the GTN then you can focus on crafting accuracy or shield or whatever on another character.

That said, if you're looking for the easiest and most self-sufficient one, go Biochem. As in any MMO, consumables will sell tons. Especially near server reset days and weekends.

mike_carton's Avatar

04.14.2021 , 09:19 AM | #3
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