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3 Stronghold Ideas

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10.26.2019 , 07:02 PM | #11
I used to really want a ship stronghold. A cruise liner is a great idea, especially if it was neutral enough to be decorated either really fancy, completely derelict, or anything in between.

They teased us about a new stronghold with this expansion but I guess it's on the backburner.
Which is fine... there are so many bugs to patch...

I have to admit, I'm still really angry at the devs.
So many times they've created decorations with duplicate names, causing numerous problems.
And then they rarely fix it... years later.
They're still doing it.
How basic is it to check existing deco names before making a new one? Isn't that STEP ONE?

Not to mention the basic stronghold features they broke with this latest update.

Now doesn't seem like a good time for them to add anything. It'll be too buggy to enjoy.
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01.09.2020 , 07:52 PM | #12
I know that at the time of writing this, the Alderaan SH is about to come out but I had this idea for a Stronghold that is a village. I have no idea what planet this would be on, but I personally don't think a planet needs to be named and this Stronghold can just be called 'Abandoned Village'.

The setting is at the dead of night with a full moon high in the sky. A light fog covers the area while a low-walled village with several buildings and narrow streets rests at one end of the playable map and the remaining playable map is covered in a spooky forest. I was thinking the map would be 1/3 village and 2/3 forest. A creek runs through the map somewhere. It is as wide and deep as the creek that runs through the Rishi SH map. The playable map area is surrounded by this spooky forest. Birds caw in the night and there are inhuman distant groans if you listen hard enough.

While in the forest, you'll here faint whispers like the ones you'll here in Jedi and Sith temples/tombs within the game already.

The village has a low wall surrounding it, every building is house sized and can be entered, one or two centerpiece hooks, and one spaceship hook. I am not going to list how the hooks are set up anywhere else because that would be ridiculous but I think a 'spooky scary' village and forest SH would be interesting.

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01.10.2020 , 07:11 AM | #13
I would like to have Oricon as Stronghold I'm tired of the stronghold that are on the light side of the force
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01.13.2020 , 02:14 PM | #14
Quote: Originally Posted by fondles_you View Post
These are just a couple of ideas without going over the already most wanted strongholds like Alderaan or Hoth. I would love to hear feedback on these ideas to see what others think.

Space Station - A good sized space station with three levels, two hangars with starship hooks and one hangar with a centerpiece hook (in addition to other hooks in the hangars), multiple rooms of various sizes most of which have windows/ a window, and an large observation area on top (third level). All floors are accessed by stairs. The space station could be near a pulsar or something else spectacular in space.

Spira - A planet mostly covered in water with numerous islands and island chains dotting the planet. Here, the stronghold would be a luxurious mansion right on the beach of a private island. The rest of the island is about the size of the Yavin 4 SH and is covered in tropical flora. Unsure of what else may be on the island. Landing area? The time setting would be midnight, which is something different from the the other strongholds to date.

Luxury Cruise Liner - A fancy space cruiser for the rich and elite traveling through space. (If we can have a train SH traveling across a planet, we can have a ship traveling through space in a Star Wars game) A cruise liner with at least three decks, including an engine room and bridge, with multiple rooms of various sizes with windows/ a window. Very fancy looking. All floors are accessed with an elevator.
While the Spira and Luxury Cruise Liner both have merit … I have also suggested the space station.

Here are a few thoughts to add to yours regarding that idea:
***Space Station Type***
A. Location: My personal thought on this would be to initially locate it on the outer rim. This might work well with the current story and fit well with the past stories whether LS or DS. ALSO … as a possible suggestion it should be considered to be able to relocate what sector of space (based on current map) to relocate to for a "nominal charge either in CC or credits".
B. Design features
This station should have:
1. An over all design style on the interior that simular to the "City in the Clouds" from Star Wars "The Empire Strikes Back". Development would use their discretion to design as needed or desired .. just make it fun and unique !
2. At least one observation deck to view the open stars around us … This would be a great view from a "clear domed area in the center top or bottom … that gives a breath taking view of space. This would be a real challenge for the team.. but IMO … worth it ! Design MIGHT include a loading dock for player ship.
3. Larger than Manaan … probably somewhat like Nar Shaddaa … with a few more rooms attached to the central focal point of each floor. .. THREE floors perhaps … PLUS the spectacular view from the observation deck.
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07.04.2020 , 06:07 PM | #15
Planet: Mimban or Vendara. The Strongholds don't have to just be on the planets in game.

Biome: A clearing at the edge of a swamp where the playable area is more muddy ground and some grass than water but of course there will still be some water in the playable area which any player can run through. Trees are spread out for the most part so decorations can be put down but there are some small areas that can have a more dense population of trees.

Description: A large Stronghold map like Alderaan, large swamp village, midnight with a full moon, spooky atmosphere with a small bit of Lovecraftian nods/hints, an area where you are in the swamp outside of the village. (I got the idea for this map from the Call of Duty Ghosts map 'Fog' A large swamp river acts as a boundary on one side of the map while the other three sides are land.

Village -- The map in mind would be roughly a little over half of it being the village. I'm not sure what the buildings would look like but there would be several buildings of various sizes and each one can be entered (unlockable) and decorated on the inside. I definitely don't want ruins to be the main area like in Yavin 4 SH or the Rishi SH but maybe a ruined stone building somewhere in the swamp area. A single landing pad with a starship hook will be at one end of the village near the edge of the map. The starting point for this Stronghold would be near the landing pad. A wooden palisade wall would surround the village. Underneath two of the buildings (not next door to each other) are secret basements. Maybe they connect with a small tunnel?

Swamp -- The rest of the map will be the area of swamp the player can run around in. At least 2 more starship hooks can be found within the swamp. A path goes through the swamp to the village area. The trees in this area are, for the most part, spread out enough for decoration placement. To be realistic, this area would probably have to be unlocked so unlocking a village gate within the palisade wall would do it.

Cave -- A small hidden cave can be found in the swamp. Its size is almost as large as the cave on the Alderaan SH. It is dark, wet, and has no natural light sources. Maybe the devs can put a mystery in this hidden cave.

Easter Egg: Just outside of the playable area (within spitting distance basically) a Republic T3 CLARION has crash landed in the swamp. A nod to Luke crash landing in the swamps of Dagobah.

Note: Going outside of the playable area wouldn't just give you an exhaustion zone warning but instead, the player would have fifteen seconds before being instantly killed in one of two ways. The first way is for the land boundaries where after fifteen second of being outside of the map boundary, a horrifying creature sprints out of some foliage at the player, slashes the player once with it's claws and killing the player instantly, and then the creature sprints back into the swampy foliage. The other way to die outside of the map boundaries is going into the river. The deepest the river gets is chest deep but after fifteens seconds of being out of bounds while in the river, a crocodile-like creature will pop up and drag the player down to a watery grave.

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07.17.2020 , 10:26 PM | #16
SWTOR Victorian Themed Stronghold

I'm not sure how well this could be done but I am thinking of something like this but mixed with Star Wars.

Not sure what planet it would be on.

The atmosphere would be like how it is in the video, except no rain. Nighttime with some mist/fog. Crescent moon. The neighborhood would have a similar style.

There would be a large manor house with a courtyard. This could go well with those who are seeking a stronghold that resembles an actual home. The manor house would have three stories plus a basement. 3/4 of the map would be the manor house while the remaining space would be the courtyard behind the manor. There would also be small front yard as well. Default spawn would be by the front gate in the front yard. The SH border for the outside areas would be a brick wall just tall enough to not jump over and a tall hedge surrounding the courtyard.

Again, not sure how well this would work but what do you all think?

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08.03.2020 , 10:09 PM | #17
I'm still dreaming of a Copero stronghold. I'd love to see the townn section made into a stronghold. I'd want a big living area with a garden, but it would also be fun to have the town and streets there so we could make little stores and restaurants. I made my Tatooine into a resort but I think Copero would be perfect for something like that. I'd totally strip out my Tatooine resort and create a little vacation town if they just give us Copero.

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08.04.2020 , 08:28 PM | #18
Quote: Originally Posted by DuchessKristania View Post
I'm still dreaming of a Copero stronghold. I'd love to see the townn section made into a stronghold. I'd want a big living area with a garden, but it would also be fun to have the town and streets there so we could make little stores and restaurants.
I really love the idea of having city streets and side buildings where we could build out stores and restaurants and repair shops. That's what I was really hoping for with the Rishi SH, but instead it's a PVP rust-town.
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08.04.2020 , 11:48 PM | #19
Quote: Originally Posted by Xina_LA View Post
I really love the idea of having city streets and side buildings where we could build out stores and restaurants and repair shops. That's what I was really hoping for with the Rishi SH, but instead it's a PVP rust-town.
I've used A LOT of Tatooine walls to hide the rust and yuck of Rishi. I'm pretty pleased with how much I've been able to hide. Still, it really was a disappointment. Granted, Copero is my ultimate dream stronghold. I've literally gone through the fp and killed everything once or twice just so I could wander the streets without hassle. It would be so much fun to have that little town to decorate and make our own.

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01.26.2021 , 05:28 PM | #20
Quote: Originally Posted by fondles_you View Post
A small apartment like Kaliyo's would be pretty nice. Add 2 or 3 rooms and it would be a nice home for players.
I'd like to shop where Kaliyo got her decos!
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