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[Cybertech] Critical Rate percentages shown not accurate?

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[Cybertech] Critical Rate percentages shown not accurate?

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07.26.2021 , 10:47 AM | #1
Hello All,

I am fairly new to the crafting scene. I have lvl 700 Cybertech that I have taken the time to make sure all amplifiers are gold level and are increasing efficiency and crit chance. My guild also has the critical perks installed. Now that the ground work has been laid, it seems that with a lvl 50 companion I should be criting almost every craft or at least every other craft but that is not happening. Could someone explain this?

Thank you!

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07.26.2021 , 03:04 PM | #2
That's a display bug that's been around for years.

A level 50 companion's base crit rate is 25% (not 75% as shown).
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07.27.2021 , 01:47 AM | #3
Additionally, if the Critical [crafting skill] amplifiers work at all, they do not affect the displayed chance in the companion window.
And, to quote myself from another thread:
Quote: Originally Posted by phalczen View Post
The answer is that no one knows if critical (blank) amps are working properly, because Bioware has never told us what the +10 means. Itís probably not whole percentage points, because then a full suit would give like +90% chance which any way you slice it should be a near doubling of critical outcomes, far more than what people are seeing. So if itís working at all, itís a very small increase, in which case you would probably need to do tens of thousands of crafts to see a statistically significant difference. Bioware in its 6.0 crafting wisdom made certain to ensure it would be extraordinarily difficult to craft that much in any decent amount of time.
and from another thread:
Quote: Originally Posted by phalczen View Post
They (critical crafting amplifiers) certainly don't do any harm, since there is nothing superior that it really competes with on the Mod-type item modification slot, assuming you are making a dedicated crafting outfit.
There are some mod-specific amplifiers that may be more useful for overall gameplay (Mount speed, stim longevity, durable equipment, repair costs, featherweight), but nothing superior in a dedicated crafting suit.
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