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<Order of Nightfall> Recruiting

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<Order of Nightfall> Recruiting

SlimRat's Avatar

01.20.2020 , 08:57 AM | #1
Looking for experienced players and new players alike. Friendly atmosphere with goals of having fun, leveling, flashpoints, and raiding in the future. If you are looking to hangout and make friends why not join. Add xF8L#6734 on discord or respond here for more info!

SwaTGolin's Avatar

03.30.2020 , 08:41 PM | #2
Hello, I have very recently returned to SWTOR and have been searching for a guild. I saw your post and am very interested in your guild. I am not a big fan of PVP content however I am very interested in PVE content like operations and flashpoints I main a Sith inquisitor assassin (DPS) I haven't been able to do Operations so I do not have the best gear but I would love to get into operations to upgrade gear. If you would like to discuss this more reply to me or message my in game character Nakitoshka I am on the Star Forge server. Have a nice night

Uheffner's Avatar

04.07.2020 , 03:14 PM | #3
new player looking for guild. will ask alot of questions im sure. played wow for years and just tired of it. played galaxies and thought it was the best mmo ever, so trying this.
in game

Mickaal Bradford