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Cant decide between Mara or Assassin

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Cant decide between Mara or Assassin

LordOboh's Avatar

04.11.2021 , 11:53 PM | #1
Ive leveled them both to about 45 but how do they both feel to play in endgame and how do the preform compared to other classes how are then in both PVP and PVE

How do the specs feel i enjoy the stealth aspect of deception but it just feels a bit slow to me at times and very lacking in aoe but seems like it has alot more utility while on the other hand ive played around with both carnage and fury while fury seems great i just love the speedy playstyle of carnage i enjoy faster rogue type classes in rpgs and the speed of carnage is very fun but outside of that it doesnt seem to have alot like assassin does with its stuns and everything else

Any insight into these classes will be appreciated there doesnt seem to be alot of guides for this game or maybe im not looking in the right places

Dmnqwk's Avatar

05.07.2021 , 09:33 AM | #2
Go Mara.

Assassin is for those who won't just be a dps bringing nothing useful to the table in terms of tanking or healing, but are prepared to help a group not just dps without consideration.

In terms of deception itself, you need the level 68 power to really begin to shine, as well as Reaper's Rush utility. Because at 75 you phantom stride to every target, kill it in under 10 seconds, then stride to the next target. With Amped Voltage at 68 each use of phantom stride triggers discharge, and often 2 abilities kill a foe so you stride > discharge > any other ability from assassinate/maul/ball lightning/reaping strike and they'll be dead...
As for AoE, lacerate can hit for 17k crits at max level, so your AoE is not as good as Hatred with dotspread, but is good enough. Only, you wont worry about aoe with fewer than 4 targets you'll take them out one by one with stride > discharge fun.

Marauder, however, brings raid utility as well as a minor group heal while annihilation, meaning you will be in more demand for Mara dps than there is for Sin dps (the sin can be a dps with taunt, though, so there is an opening in a lot of story mode operations for them

Overall more people will want a Mara, Maras are higher damage (slightly) but depending on the activity will determine who wants you more.

cheeseforme's Avatar

05.11.2021 , 05:49 PM | #3
I dont get where people go off saying mara dps is higher. I outdps my mara by a solid 2-3k and my mara has better mods. My mara does about 19-20k dps while my deception does 22-23kdps on dummy. The dps diff is even a bigger gap when fighting bosses. It's not that my mara rotation is bad or inconsistent because i rotate through my stuff perfectly when the skills required for highst dps are on off cd. Ive nearly perfect the rotation and it still doesn't come close to my deceptions DPS. The highest ive ever gotten and this is on a perfect rotation was maybe 20-21k but that situation is unrealistic vs mobs/bosses, its assuming you're on a boss 24/7.

I know once my mods and amplifiers are all perfect i can possibly break 25k dps on deception. Ive practiced both for hours and hours on dummy and no matter how perfect that rotation is on my marader, it never comes close. However, with decep sometimes for a while i can reach 24-25k but it falls off later. Consistently though, im at 22k at least with decept and my marauder consistently hits 18k-20k dps.

I dont think that mara brings more to the table, the amount of times ive saved players from dying with my aggro skills is incredible, you can't do that as a maraduer. Yes they bring extra DPS but in the end i'd rather have someone that knows how to pull aggro from someone about to die than a 10 second dps boost and a little bit def/movement speed. Not gonna lie thought, the movement speed from predator is a blessing if you know how to use it wisely not just for urself but pay attention to yyour team and u can also save them quite a bit. Both are useful but i have definitely saved my teamates a LOT more with my aggro/cloak than i have with predator.

Not to mention marauder actually takes some stupidly strict rotations to stay on par with the rest of DPS, and i mean STRICT rotations, no missing a rotation, no fillers besides the ones with hghest DPS. It's quite a boring class because of this reason alone. Very unforgiving to say the least. On deception, i can afford to throw a random filler here and there because the dot from my electric ball helps my dps stay afloat.

Lastly if you look at all the parses against actual bosses you'll hardly see fury marauder on that list but you'll see a ton of deception/hatred. Thats because in a realistic scenario, it's extremely tough to keep your rotation going as a marauder against a boss that moves around a lot.

Used to think me not knowing the rotation as the issue here but after countless hours rotating and rotating and practicing 2-3 hour sessions at a time, bottom line is, marauder was never able to keep up with my deception. As far as anniahlation goes, i never tested it so i can't speak of that but both hatred/decept outdps fury marauder.

That is my experience. Maybe it's just that decept feels more natural to me, that could be playing a role and i know my decept like the back of my hand.

AdjeYo's Avatar

05.12.2021 , 04:42 AM | #4
If the difference on dummy parses is that big between deception and fury for you, that seems like a problem on your end. Both the highest and average of parses on 6500000 health dummy (which is usually used to compare) are higher for fury than either deception or hatred. Even still, when people talk about mara parsing higher, obviously they're talking about anni, which is among the highest parsing classes right now. Assassins cannot compete in raw damage with Annihilation.

As for the utility differences, having a taunt can be useful sure, but in theory you shouldn't ever really need it if your tanks are on point. The raid buff is very useful for pushing extra damage on burn phases, and predation is just great in certain situation. I'd give the edge in raid utility to marauders, but it varies per boss, for instance I'd take a sin over a mara any day on Styrak.