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Same gender relationships clarifications?

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Same gender relationships clarifications?
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12.27.2012 , 08:35 PM | #4541
Quote: Originally Posted by SithKoriandr View Post
So, out of those three complaints, I'd say suffer with the lack of communication ont he subject, and do it when they're ready with a "SURPRISE! HERE YOU ARE!"
So are you basically saying 'shut up and deal with it' or are you saying 'stay silent and ambush them when they bring the content out'?
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12.27.2012 , 08:37 PM | #4542
I consider it viable content. Even being Straight, the opportunity to involve a Female character in a Same Gender romance would actually be fun for me and it would be interesting to see how BioWare has that play out with the story. sure people will go Male/Male as well, but that's their choice and it's no business of anyone elses to say whether it's right, wrong, or whatever. It is something that people can enjoy and I can say that a fair number of people have been waiting on this content since before SWTOR was even released.

I don't feel SWTOR is dying. The fact it's even survived for a year is a good sign. Other MMO's didn't do so well. Aion? Rift? Games that started out with big sales, and then dropped hard because their content wasn't as good as the hype. That is partially because everyone was fighting to be the next "World of Warcraft". I don't feel SWTOR tried to do that, because it's a Sci-Fi/Fantasy universe and not pure fantasy. Because it is the world of Star Wars, for people who have been fans of it since the 70's and beyond.

If we look back, the game is already a success. Half a million copies sold at launch. That alone made it a success. Everything after that was gravy. Yes, there have been issues. Every game has issues and bugs and problems. Too many people expected it to have Everything that WoW had, but right at the start. That simply wasn't going to happen. WoW had been updating and upgrading and adding new Expansions and content for 7yrs before SWTOR hit the shelves. Expecting it to be on the same development level at the start is pure folly. The only way SWTOR could develop more was for people to actually play it first.
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12.27.2012 , 10:21 PM | #4543
Quote: Originally Posted by SithKoriandr View Post
Let me ask. You get the SGR, you going to keep rerolling to do those over and over and over again? People will do that for clicking 1-0 though. I don't suspect many would do it to marry Mako over and over again. I don't suspect people would do it again and again if it was my suggestion of a Cartel Market companion.
Me, personally? I won't need to keep rerolling. I only have 3 characters that are out of the Starter Planets, and only 2 of them are Max level, a male Sith Warrior that went OGR with Vette and female BH that skipped doing Romances due to not having SGRs. (Yes, Torian got my Mako ), The one that's not max, a Sith Inquis, I wanted to re-roll anyways since I am unhappy with how I had been playing him so far.
However, the lack of SGRs have prevented me from playing ANY of the light-side content, and also from re-rolling the before-mentioned Inquis.
So, Yes, the lack of SGRs is preventing me from experiencing much of the "content" this game has to offer, and thereby, adding them in is just like adding "New" content to me.
As an aside, I am a continuous subscriber, and I have been since Early Access. I stopped playing the game when Secret World came out and I haven't returned to playing full-time due to the fact that SGRs are not implemented yet. I've continued to subscribe the entire time that I haven't been playing because I believed in Bioware and I believed in SWTOR and I wanted to help them succeed.
However, my sub is due to renew in Feb, and I'm not sure I'm going to let it if something isn't communicated soon.

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12.27.2012 , 10:26 PM | #4544
Quote: Originally Posted by Kioma View Post
So are you basically saying 'shut up and deal with it' or are you saying 'stay silent and ambush them when they bring the content out'?
I'm saying the best thing the devs could of done was say "May or may not come in at a later date, we promise nothing."

Instead they went the route of thinking "We'll be huge! Updates all the time!"

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12.27.2012 , 10:46 PM | #4545
Well, they didn't do that. They did promise updates, so we're holding them to that.

You say that then say it's on the players, not BW-Austin for lack of communication.

You've also said that your opinion is that BW shouldn't say anything, due to this whole thing being a catch .22

However, you've also said that you'd like us to get an answer and that you are in support of this content.

I've been watching your posts over the last day and you keep finding new arguments that keep getting debunked. So I'm at a loss as to your logic. It's really all over the place and contradictory at best.

In short, I give you a 8/10, because you added something to the conversation. Yet, I know a troll versus a detractor when I read one.

From Urban Dictionary:

Concern Troll:

In an argument (usually a political debate), a concern troll is someone who is on one side of the discussion, but pretends to be a supporter of the other side with "concerns". The idea behind this is that your opponents will take your arguments more seriously if they think you're an ally.

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12.28.2012 , 12:05 AM | #4546
Final thought on this manner:

Detractors may disagree with this content, but they are consistent in their arguments. They don't also claim to be any sort of ally, but they usually remain respectful. For the most part, I don't mind having a chat with them.

When there is continuous signs of vast inconsistencies of a person's stance, that is a form of trolling. When a person keeps trying to find ways to demean a subject despite facts otherwise, I call them out on it.

Ask anyone here. I'm usually very careful not to call "troll" just because someone disagrees with me. I did call someone a troll recently, but that was more for just coming in and posting two words without contributing a dang thing. I reported their post.

I don't report every troll post I see either. That what ignore lists are for. However, anyone that is being blatantly insulting, crass or just vile gets reported by me every time. Thankfully, that hasn't happened in this thread recently very much, and I haven't reported much more than that one post here for a couple of weeks. One particular poster got reported left and right, but they were one of the truly nasty trolls that love to be as outrageously insulting as they could.

Trolls do nothing to contribute to the main topic of the thread. I'm going to emphasize again that this is for clarity on the content that was promised and an update on their current status. Not the, "Give tired excuses as to why BioWare should exclude and shouldn't even speak up about this content," thread.

There, I'm done with that. Back on topic!

So, BioWare, any chance you want to end this whole debacle and just talk to the players? It's more obvious by the day that you need to. I don't care if you are scared or not. I don't care if SGRs cause more controversy or not. A simple, "it's on hold for the foreseeable future" or "it's still coming, but no ETA," would more than suffice. It needs to come from Jeff Hickman or Courtney Woods directly, in a public view.

I still will never understand why asking for an update is so taboo. On content that was promised.


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12.28.2012 , 12:17 AM | #4547
I just got the companion "Malavai Quinn" on my male Warrior, but there were no romance options. The same thing happened when I got "Vector Hyllus" for my Agent... so then I come to these forums and do some research, and find that same-gender romance isn't even in the game.

I played for a short while back at launch and remember reading in an interview that it would be added "soon". I thought it was a bit odd that it wasn't in the game from the start (after all, changing the romance options in-game only involves changing a few pronouns here and there). So anyway, I took a break from the game (no, not because it didn't have same-gender romance, but because I was busy with school and stuff at the time), and I come back and subscribe again over a year later and this promise still isn't fulfilled?

So at this point I'm a bit irritated as I come back a year later and a promise that was made to me, a customer, has not been fulfilled? I don't know what kind of business model that is. Next time perhaps BioWare should not promise things that they aren't certain they can fulfill, especially since people do pay them money based on those promises.

Now for those of you who say "Yeah, but we want other, better things like new planets and such." Well guess what? You want a new planet, I want same gender romance. We both pay $15 a month, so our wants as customers are equal, not better or worse.

Anyways, rant over. I was just really irritated after coming back and expecting to see some progress made on this.

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12.28.2012 , 12:29 AM | #4548
The Reid quote from a while back, about how the reason they arent in the game is because they needed more time to 'really do it right' was just absurd. Not sure if I read that guy isn't around anymore or not, certainly wouldn't be surprised if he isn't (hard to keep up with everything going on these days), but all the talk about needing 'more time' to do the 'writing' and the 'cutscenes' etc is flat out untrue. The romances are in the game. Our ability to play them is not. We dont need, or want, special new writing or cutscenes to explain why XYZ character likes us, we just want to enjoy the same romances everybody else can, the exact same way that they do, we want our characters to be treated the exact same way everybody else's are. There's nothing remotely complicated about that.

It cost them more time and money to keep the SGRs out of the game in the first place, the reason folks like Skyrim and Fallout NV and DD and DA2, etc. let you romance anyone you want is because its EASIER to do it that way. There are so many ways that this topic gets taken in bizarre and complex directions, but there's nothing remotely complicated about it. That Reid fellow's quote read as if he wanted us to believe the romances needed a complete rewrite in order to let us play them, complete with whole new cutscenes, etc. Either he's unfathomably ignorant, or he thinks (or hopes) that we are, but neither of those are the case. We never asked for anything other than the ability to romance the same characters everybody else can, the same way they do. That doesn't involve rewriting anything (except possibly a pronoun here or there, that may or may not be necessary, I wouldn't know for obvious reasons), it just involves getting rid of the gender check that prevents us from romancing whoever we want. Its something they could include with any patch anytime they release a new patch. People who try to make it sound more complicated than that are generally folks just looking for excuses not to have any SGRs at all, or at the very least as few as possible. Its not complicated, its never going to be complicated, and anyone who tries to fool you into thinking it is has an agenda, its really just as simple as that.

I don't want to just focus on the negative, so I'd like to add a positive idea that I had recently. We know they're going to add new characters at some point, and I have a suggestion for one for the Sith Inquisitor. To avoid spoilers, lets just say, there's a female character in that storyline that gets trapped in the body of a monster, it would be pretty cool if you could do a quest that lets her find a new body, and then you could romance her. Having the option to choose between romancing her or Ashara would be mighty awesome, they're quite the contrast, and both are well developed and interesting characters. Things like that would add tremendously both to the storyline itself, as well as replay value. Hopefully they'll take that into consideration once they finally get around to continuing our Class Storylines, that'd be awesome.

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12.28.2012 , 12:46 AM | #4549
Stephen Reid, along with Daniel Erickson, both left the company in May. They had both said that they "wanted to this right," and they weren't "willing to just swap pronouns in the dialogue" for SGRs.

Stephen Reid was the Senior Online Community Manager. Daniel Erickson was the former Lead Writer for ToR as well as the writer for my beloved IA storyline.

I love your idea, by the way! I know what part you are referring to and that would be pretty great.

Night guys; got a cold and need to crash early.

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12.28.2012 , 01:06 AM | #4550
If BW gives you an answer will threads like this finally go away or will this just continue until if they say yes? What happens if they say no, will people get outraged and attack BW for it or will they just deal with what BW says and move on. Personally I just wish they would say yes or no so threads about this will stop popping up and it can be done with.