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Ancient Hypergate should be removed

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Ancient Hypergate should be removed

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06.27.2021 , 10:23 PM | #32
Quote: Originally Posted by snave View Post
I didn't realise you were Yuu_Yevon in my channel. I banned that person because they were in a game with me where they acted like a word that's banned on the forums, I noticed them in my chat and I banned them because they were clearly trying to instigate a reaction from me on stream. I reported them, banned them, and moved on.

You then made another account to bypass the ban, then another.

If you'd like to discuss things other than AHG with me, feel free to make another account on trovo I guess but you're derailing the thread.
Not sure if you thought it was sarcasm but in game I said to you I liked your vids and you should make more whether you took that the wrong way then I'm not so sure, if so learn to take compliment when you get one and I still stand by that whether or not I agree with you.

Also from your reply to Trixxie would say to me you was trying to instigate a confrontation on the forum therefore derailing it yourself. Its funny how you often throw these allegations out there to people yet you are one of the worst culprits yourself.

Very funny also how when I asked you on stream why I was banned you suddenly turned into the most vile person I've seen in some time (and trust me it takes a lot to make me cry) and still didn't even give a reason and continued to ban without addressing anything I said LOL as someone who see's themselves as the be all and end all of the game you certainly was very underwhelming to me but hey maybe its my fault as I expected more.

That's all I got don't care to carry this on any more.
Yuu Yevon