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*Possible Spoilers* Sith Assassin best main chapters + SOR character

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*Possible Spoilers* Sith Assassin best main chapters + SOR character

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05.04.2020 , 03:12 PM | #1
Having played every class story since launch at least once, but spanning over that entire time period (so some story details were forgotten) I decided to make the one class pairing I had the least experience with prior: the shadow/assassin pairing. I decided on the Sith Assassin and having competed all the pre-KOTFE story content I was surprised how fitting that particular combo was, how fleshed out and integrated the character felt into the SWTOR world.


I understand why many people argue the sorcerer is the canon inquisitor advanced class, but I am going to disagree. It's stated outright and is a player dialogue choice multiple times to claim to be the heir to ancient Dark Lord of the Sith Tulak Hord, a renowned sith magic practitioner and martial / lightsaber combatant. The assassin becomes highly skilled in both those categories, whereas the sorcerer is an almost purely force combatant. Even then, the primary force use in inquisitor cutscenes is basic force lightning which is not only useable by sorcerers, and I imagine is very much within the realm of possibility for the assassin to channel as the sorcerer does if they desired.

The iconic force storm ability introduced in KOTOR and usable by sorcerers, something that I think would set a sorcerer and assassin apart, is not used in inquisitor cutscenes. The significant force use scenes are in conjunction with the sith ghosts power being channeled, the ancient sith magic. And then, outside of cutscenes in general combat, the assassin expertly uses a combination of both physical and force attacks against foes further demonstrating the rounded skillset of Tulak Hord out characters are supposed to be like.

Finally, I was highly impressed how a few small dialogues and character interactions really made me feel connected vicariously to the world as a Dark Lord of the Sith playing the inquisitor. NPC's referring to my character as Dark Lord, and not just 'my lord', the interactions between my inquisitor and Lana Beniko and Darth Marr in particular felt real like no other character has. Marr's mail messages showed a true respect from his character to mine. I wonder if they're different for Nox or Occlus? Imperius is a very satisfying inquisitor to play.

I played a mostly pragmatic inquisitor (middle of Light 1 at the end) and tried to think what decisions would be best for the Empire while showing little mercy for betrayal (unless they could serve an important purpose still), thus I ended up as Darth Imperius, and even then some dialogue is different because of Imperius versus Nox. For example, Marr and (I can't remember the name) that lord on Rishi for the inquisitor side quests both recognized that pragmatic / Empire-focused Imperius that made it seem like people actually recognize my character for events outside of the immediate scope. I hope that makes sense, like they recognize my efforts for the whole war effort versus only referring to what I had just done or purely main story content.

Anyway, TLDR imo -- Sith Assassin is true inquisitor, Imperius is the best Dark Lord, inquisitor / Imperius well-integrated into the world
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05.05.2020 , 03:22 AM | #2
I've never heard of this "argument," I always thought it was pretty clear that the sub-classes were purely gameplay related and that they're all equally legitimate.

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05.06.2020 , 10:44 PM | #3
Interesting point of view. Like mention before I never seen this theory before too.
What little info I could find on the "Inquistor" of this era, specially Darth Imperius is base on what happens in-game:


I often speculate that Darth Nox, Darth Occlus and Darth Imperious are 3 different people that were at that time somehow intertwine with everything that happen at that time. Or he/she is ONE person who wanted his history to not be clear for some reason...
However when it comes to force powers and martial combat you can see that the only difference comes in their powers and abilities, beside the different choices that lead to the peak of their powers. (often mentioning what were the abilities they specialize in combat)
So you might be on to something... that we have not consider before!

I will agree however that Darth Imperius is probably the most interesting, unique and complicated character I ever encounter in any game or literature in the Star Wars Universe... (IMO)

I'm not sure if it was intended to be this interesting for a game character, but it makes the Inquisitor story VERY good! Its the only class that makes me want to play it more than ones because how different that he can be as Nox or Occlus when it comes to lore and tiny juicy dialog.

I probably buy all his books and merchandise if his story was some form, specially if its as huge and long story you read and play SWTOR in-game.
Oh... make my mouth water (in a mater of speaking) just thinking of reading and seeing Art of the Inquisitor facing against the Eternal Emperor... I'm such a nerd Haha!

SOOOOOoooo respect for my fellow Darth Imperius fan... great read! Man Im so hype for new content to drop for SWTOR so I can jump again with Darth Imperius

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05.07.2020 , 08:21 PM | #4
I've never seen a "canon" version of any class.

Typically in the various forum discussions, especially the various "who would win" debates, it is generally assumed that the advanced classes for each class are merged.
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05.08.2020 , 07:16 PM | #5
There are no canon versions of any class.
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