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How do we single-target heal in 7.0?

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How do we single-target heal in 7.0?

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05.20.2022 , 07:06 PM | #1
Maybe I'm missing something, but maintaining tank health in ops right now feels more challenging than emergency-healing an entire 16+ group doing something goofy like ALL standing in a grenade circle in the Quesh WB.

Total numbers are up (from kolto injection with the kolto burst feature, mostly), but is this my life now?
Instead of making decisons about when to stim boost for Kolto Infusion (which seems severely under-powered and can no longer be turned into a HOT with utilities), I just spam Nanites, Kolto Waves, and stab myself repeatedly while standing next to people?
I picked up this class as my main for heals about 3 years ago. . . I'm not having fun since the update.
Feels like LESS versatility, and I'm feeling like I have less to offer in operations (apart from those few specific fights where raidwide damage is a big deal).

I'll give away kolto burst if we have can have "curative agent" back. Lol.
The self-heal Countermeasures + 2x kolto probe combo was such a key feature to how I've always healed.

I mean, I used to use surgical probe often enough (to trigger/reset probes, & then to shorten the kolto injection cast when tacticals came into the game) -- but I find myself spamming the button more than ever.

I haven't really figured out what else I'm supposed to do.
(I guess I should be experimenting more with the one that regens energy on a crit, since energy management has been more of a problem)

And set bonuses. . Not super exciting. No more extra tactical advantage (like in the 6.0 Tactician set).
Maybe I'll get the one to make toxic haze into yet another AOE heal, making kolto waves that much more redundant.

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05.21.2022 , 04:37 PM | #2
I think there's a new talent that gives a big (~40%?) healing bonus on the primary target of Recuperative Nanotech for a couple of seconds. Not sure if the bonus is functional since the game is buggy, but maybe that's key to single target burst?
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05.23.2022 , 01:51 PM | #3
Quote: Originally Posted by Zunayson View Post
I think there's a new talent that gives a big (~40%?) healing bonus on the primary target of Recuperative Nanotech for a couple of seconds.
I could be wrong, but I THINK that comes out of something that was pre-existing in the utilities/features before the update (that is: primary target receiving a bonus to subsequent healing). . .
Whether they changed it or not, I dunno. It IS pretty good, and has always been part of single-target healing.

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06.07.2022 , 11:47 PM | #4
Medicine Operative Guide
OVERVIEW: Medicine Operative has the highest possibility to be the best healing class
in SWTOR as well as its Pub side counterpart Sawbones. Medicine is a relatively easy
to use but hard to master healer specialization, possibly the hardest of the three choices
available in the game. It relies heavily on abilities that do heal over time (HoTs) and
Area of Effects (AoE), given that it is its strongest in comparison to Sorcerer and
Mercenary, although it lacks in the capability to heal on demand, being inferior to the
other two in that regard. (Vulkk guide 6.0)
STATS: With the changes in 7.0, BioWare has made Alacrity basically useless as a stat.
This is due to them changing the stat ceiling to a large number. As a healer in 7.0 you
should dump your stats into Crit. This will be from Critical augments which we will get to
later. Your gear as a healer should already drop the stats that you will need for alacrity,
as well as crit.
WHAT IS ALACRITY: Alacrity is the stat that reduces your overall cooldown for
abilities. The threshold for 1.4 second GCD (Global Cooldown) is 2054. Your gear
should already get you this far as a healer. In order to get that extra .1 second you'd
have to invest all of your augments into alacrity, which is seen as a waste. This is due to
a large stat ceiling.
WHY CRITICAL: Getting a high amount of crit from a healing standpoint is
always a good thing. In any situation higher numbers are always a good thing, whether
it is Raiding, Flashpoints, or even Heroics. Basically this number scales well and gives
you significant bonuses when it comes to healing in general. The number scales your
percentage as a whole, so your crit chance, damage (healing in this case), and bonus
go up the same amount.
TACTICALS: there are a few tacticals depending on what you would like to do.
● I personally use Regenerative Waves. This is due to Medicine Operative being
heavily focused on HOT (Heals Over Time) and AOE Heals Regenerative Waves
heals each individual ally 20% more than it usually would, the downside to using
this is that Kolto Waves now requires that you have a Tactical Advantage.
● If you are wanting to make a single target healing build however, I would
recommend the Critical Surgery tactical. Critical Surgery allows you to instantly
critically heal an ally once your target is below 50% health. This can be used to
get your allies in a Raid or FP out of a sticky situation.
● The last tactical you can use, is a very situational tactical that hardly anyone
uses. Diagnostics Probe allows you to build stacks of Tactical Probe, each stack
will reduce the activation time of Kolto Injection by .25 seconds, and caps at 3
stacks. At 3 stacks kolto injection is an instant cast.
SKILL TREE: Your skill tree has a few abilities that you can choose from, there are
some very obvious abilities you should always choose, and some that are optional
depending on your playstyle.
Your First ability to choose is one of those obvious abilities at lvl 23 you have the
choice to choose “Kolto Burst” thai ability allows you to heal yourself and 8 other allies
within a certain distance of you if you use Kolto Injection on yourself. The numbers are
the exact same if you were to heal anyone else in the party, meaning that everyone is
getting the same numbers you would usually get (this includes crits as well)
Your next choice at level 39 is a choice between three abilities, depending on
how you use your abilities. The first ability, Nanotech Stim reduces the cooldown of your
Stim Boost by two seconds for each member of your party affected by Recuperative
Nanotech. The second ability choice, Nano Mark allows for Recuperative Nanotech to
heal the targeted ally for 20% more than others affected by the ability. The last ability
you can choose is Critical nanotech, one that i personally like because it increases crit
chance up to 30%, meaning that when you use Recuperative Nanotech, you gain 30%
more healing when you use the ability, healing those who are affected more.
At level 43, all of the abilities here are good, they are strictly preference. The first
ability Stim Burst allows you to increase healing by 15% for 15 seconds when you cast
Stim Boost. Tactical Overdrive allows you to reset the cooldown for Stim Boost,
Recuperative Nanotech, Toxin Scan, and Shield Probe as well as the ability increasing
your master by 20% for 15 seconds. The last one for this level is Tactical Effectiveness.
This passive ability increases your healing and damage by 5% for each Tactical
Advantage you have, meaning you can get up to 15% more healing if you keep your
stacks up.
Your next choice, doesn't matter as well, because it does not increase any of
your healing numbers, but increases survivability.
At level 64 you should ONLY choose Endorphin Rush, because as an Operative
healer, during Raids, you will run into an energy problem. It's inevitable. This ability
makes it to where Adrenalin Probe will give you an extra 15 energy when cast. This
makes it to where you can continue to heal while your party is in combat. It will also help
when you are in a pinch in combat, making massive damage phases easier to deal with
as well as sometimes enrages (yes with enough practice and effectiveness you can
outlast enrages, sometimes).
The last two abilities are more for PvP, if you want to know which ones to pick, for
level 68 either flashbang or holotraverse, and for 73 Evasive Imperative.
IMPLANTS: With the release of 7.0 set bonuses disappeared. The only way to get
bonuses is to go to the implant vendor located on the fleet in Supplies. There are two
routes you can take when it comes to implants, single target healing, and AOE healing.
As a Healer it is important to have both sets of these implants to give your class more
flexibility. For AOE, you will want to go Trapper Package, and Aggressive Treatment
Package. These two work interchangeably, Aggressive Treatment allows the use of
Toxic Haze as a healing ability (and a damage ability), where Trapper Package refunds
a Tactical Advantage when you cast Toxic Haze. For Single target healing, Field Medics
Package, and Tacticians Package. Tacticians Package increases crit chance by 10% for
10 seconds, and Field Medics Package allows for activating any healing ability to have
a 15% chance to grant Field Medic’s Critical Bonus, which causes your next Kolto
Injection to automatically crit. Cannot occur more than once every 30 seconds.
HEALING ABILITIES AND ROTATION: As a healer, all of your abilities are important.
KOLTO PROBE: The most important ability on Operative’s tools. One that should
always be kept up on the teammates, since it counts close to 1/2 of the healing that will
be done at the end of the game.
RECUPERATIVE NANOTECH: The second most important healing ability due
to its nature. This is what one could call a ‘smart heal’. When casted on the main target,
it will reach to 3 of the teammates with the lowest health.
KOLTO WAVES: Big AOE heal. Affects up to 8 targets. A must use if the team
is taking damage. Not worth it if it is on a single target. (I still use it anyways if its
a Tank)
SURGICAL PROBE: The ‘big burst’ heals from Medicine. This ability will be used
to refresh probes (Only refreshes if there is a 2 stack on a target. If it's only 1, it won’t
work). So, not only will it apply its own heal, it will also be buffed by the Kolto probe
refresh that one gets from applying 2 stacks.
KOLTO INJECTION: This is by far the most used ability for Operative Healers.
Reason being is because it does the most healing out of any other ability, and
generates a Tactical Advantage, which I talked about earlier, gives your healing an extra
5% towards your healing per stack.
KOLTO INFUSION: Refreshes Kolto Probes, this is your second ability to use after
Kolto Injection. Not stated in the tooltips but if you use this ability after Kolto Injection,
you get additional healing, as well as starting a combo with Surgical Probe increasing
your healing numbers even more.
DIAGNOSTIC SCAN: This ability was brought up to me by a fellow guildmate that
showed me its usefulness. On its own, this ability doesn't do much. Its healing efficiency
is crap, and feels kinda useless. BUT through research I have realized that this isn't a
healing ability, but an energy recovery ability. When your Adrenaline Probe is on
cooldown, use this ability to generate more energy. Also this is the only DOT (damage
over time) healing ability you can use while moving.
TOXIC HAZE: (only usable with the Aggressive Treatment Package) this ability
allows for you to heal/damage up to 8 people within the circle. Large AOE with decent
Healing and DPS
ROTATIONS: Healers have rotations that change depending on the circumstances.
For main tank healing your rotation should be as follows:
P.s. there is no reason to overheal a tank, heal only when necessary
AOE Healing rotation should be as follows:
KOLTO INJECTION (use on self in group)
TOXIC HAZE (if using Aggressive Treatment Package)
Repeat until party is full HP
Emergency Single Target Healing
KOLTO INJECTION + STIM BOOST (use until target is healed sufficiently)
Emergency AOE Healing
TOXIC HAZE (if using Aggressive Treatment Package)
KOLTO INJECTION (use on self until damage phase or group is healed
SITM BOOST: Stim boost will allow you to use Kolto Infusion and Kolto
injection instantly without a cast time. Can only be used once, unless using Tactical
Overdrive to refresh all other abilities mentioned.
SHIELD PROBE: Will block damage for a time, but can only block a small
amount of damage.
CLOAKING SCREEN: Use as a secondary cleanse on yourself, does not
always allow you to exit combat
EVASION: Primary self cleanse
TOXIC SCAN: Cleanse for your allies and yourself.
Speaking of cleanses…
Cleansing debuffs goes as follows:

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