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Creating Strongholds for Semi-public RP

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Creating Strongholds for Semi-public RP

Fendisteel's Avatar

08.02.2021 , 01:20 PM | #1

Hello there, new to the forums. i'm Not sure if this is the most appropriate suboforums to post something like this, so forgive me if this belongs elsewhere.

Currently I'm going about decorating other strongholds over my main one and I got to thinking How I could make these auxiliary strongholds useful. How? Well, I was thinking about an idea of trying to open them up to others for RP purposes.

Not gonna make any crazy decorations, gonna go for very realistic and believable areas with variation to allow for roleplayers to come and use to provide additional venues to RP in.

Some ideas thus far

Tatooine Stronghold - Neutral location for players of Imp or Pub that would feature a bar, marketplace, and whatever else I can think of.

Republic/Imperial Military headquarters - Using the Capital world apartments, turn them into bastions of the Republic and Empire for players of each side and meet to plan or scheme amongst themshelves.

Rishi Resort - Haven't even bought this one yet, but Unless it turns out the layout is not optimal for what I got in mind, create a resort sponsored by the hutt cartel, open to both factions to come and relax.

These are off the dome ideas. And at the moment I'm focusing on getting one down and decorated before creating others.

Something I'm uncertain is how I would go about opening up. I had the idea of making a discord for people to come and give a casual application to be granted access.. Which feels gatekeepy to me, I do admit. But I wanna make sure people who take the RP setting seriously to be there and engaging with others. Ultimately I would like to create a community within these strongholds and maybe even host storylines within them.

Would appreciate some feedback on the idea, either it's a good one or just too impractical to work.