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Suggestions for making GSF more popular

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Suggestions for making GSF more popular

Belthorian's Avatar

03.14.2021 , 01:28 PM | #1
#1) Add a PVE environment that pits players against a team of AI players or training room that guilds can host that allows new players to learn the basics, maps, and tactics of GSF before being thrown into the deep end of the pool. I would like to play GSF but I am lost and have NO IDEA what I am doing and I do not think it is fair for to my teammates to be handy capped by my incompetence. I don't care if the PVE doesn't give conquest points I just want to feel comfortable before I start playing against the more experienced PVP GSF pilots. World Of Warships has this exact thing and it allows players the ability to practice on AI before PVP'ing.

#2) Add support for Flight Stick, HOTAS, and rudder pedals. I have a Thrustmaster Cougar and rudder peddles and if I could mad the abilities and controls to it I would play GSF all the time. I have no idea why the incredibly shortsighted decision to only allow keyboard and mouse controls was made but it was the worst possible decisions and a huge portion of the potential player base simply ignored GSF because of this terrible business decision.

A few small changes to GSF will make it much more popular and may even attract new players.

Thank you

phalczen's Avatar

03.14.2021 , 07:06 PM | #2
I'll cover your second point first. Joystick support is never going to come, because all primary weapons in GSF are gimballed, which makes M+K superior. If you detach control of aiming from steering, and make joystick superior, then it will force everyone to gravitate toward that. It's also a development nightmare to implement support for all the different HOTAS setups. This is all outlined here in this thread. The smart business decision was to design the control scheme for hardware every single player had, namely, a M+K. Joystick support has been asked for since the game mode was in beta during 2.x, so ~8 years ago. The time to program native joystick support was way back then, not now, and I say this as not only someone who lobbied for joystick support in beta but played Jump to Lightspeed extensively in SWG.

As to your first point, a better tutorial has been a long standing request. Right now, the best substitute is to get a group of a minimum of 4 guildies together and do a pvp-challenge 2v2 match, and have an experienced pilot go over things with the team on some type of voice-over-IP program. Alternatively, Despon's flight school videos or Drakolich's videos are great video tutorials. Even SWTORista made some reasonable videos for GSF.
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03.17.2021 , 11:42 AM | #3
rudders are useless in space, considering there is no air to push against. and that is their main purpose. They use thrusters in space.
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03.20.2021 , 01:46 AM | #4
reboot all system of ship is more complicate

Ramalina's Avatar

03.21.2021 , 06:11 PM | #5
Eh, basically everything phalczen said.
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Urthal's Avatar

03.21.2021 , 10:56 PM | #6
A training mode vs AI (or even stationary training dummies) where you can try out different builds, or explore the existing maps (get familiar with the Kuat maze, powerup locations, which way is up on Iokath, etc.) would be great.

Would be great if the game gave you more information while flying, like your copilot informing you your engine ability got disabled, you got hit by slicer's loop and can't regen power, an easier way to know what debuff corresponds to which debuff icon (say a sidebar where the name of each debuff and it's icon is shown), a death summary where you can see recent debuffs and damage taken, and from whom, with timestamps and the name and weapon of whoever dealt, and in addition to this, a death cam from the point of view of the person that killed you, showing you where he was and how he did it. This would go a long way to make people understand why they got killed and what they can do to avoid it in the future.

mike_carton's Avatar

03.25.2021 , 07:43 AM | #7
Your idea 1 is great. I'd use it extensively myself and it'd reduce the intimidation factor that's likely preventing more players from trying GSF.

You could write this up in the suggestions forum.
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ALaggyGrunt's Avatar

04.01.2021 , 02:35 AM | #8
#1 is a good idea, but Bioware's going to be like "Nah, too expensive" and just... not. I mean, maybe if enough people bother them about it, but... yeeeeahthey'renotgonna.

Making it play well with keyboard and mouse is kinda important for making it accessible to as many players as possible. Making it play *well* with a HOTAS is basically hanging a huge no-poors sign on the game, cause decent ones start at $100ish. The Logitech Extreme 3D Pro is entry-level, not decent. Keyboard-and-mouse take a bit of getting used to, but are honestly the best way to make this minigame not take an extra $100 entry fee.

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04.11.2021 , 07:06 AM | #9
bring in the sexy, scantily clad, dancing Jawas.

THEN, you will get results.
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CyorReco's Avatar

05.13.2021 , 05:32 AM | #10
A tutorial mode that let's you bring another grouped player in the tutorial with you would be HUGE. It's a way to show new players the ropes and giving the ability to duel.

Match making should not be based on legacy level which really doesn't necessarily correlate to gsf ....or whatever method they are using.

Match making should be based on a player rating formula. It would be weighted 60/40; 60% number requisitions spent on ships currently in your 5 ship active hanger for a given toon
and 40% average medal count per match (legacy wide).
These numbers are already tracked in places within the gsf hanger interface thingy.
Cartel market ships which come upgraded are assigned a minimum total value of a mastered ship (i think that number is 72,250, but someone can feel free to correct me)

>Reqs spent gives and indication to the level of ship upgrades you have,
and medal count is at least some indicator of skill.

As an addendum to the previous point if you're grouping with more than 1 other player, your rating gets boosted by 20%-25% per player in your group. This is to offset the trend of having the best players all fly together (often coordinating abilities and movements via voice chat). Which of course makes for a very lopsided non-competitive match. These matches are boring for experienced players (whether i happen to get on a team with or against them), and discouraging for new players.

Then assign teams based on trying to equalize the total cumulative rating. So if you're in one of these all-star groups you're at least gonna get paired with the most inexperienced pugs to fill out your team in an attempt to balance the match.
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