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Why you should learn to fly the Flashfire / Sting

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Why you should learn to fly the Flashfire / Sting

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04.11.2021 , 05:04 AM | #1
IF you are someone looking to improve your game. Whether you are a GS main, A Strike devotee, or someone that flies everything but wants to get better overall.... it is my personal belief that perhaps the biggest thing you can do to improve your game is learn to fly the Tier 2 Scout (Flashfire / Sting) with Burst Laser Cannons, to a high standard. The reason I believe this is an important step on your way to being a recognized serious threat, is that the T2S is (imho) the hardest ship to fly at a high level. Once you can fly that ship to a high level, everything else seems easier. It will improve your strike play. You can't tank things in a scout that you can in a Strike, so it will make you better at choosing engagements, which will also improve your situational awareness. It will give you better aim, since you can't shoot at 5k anymore. It will stop you relying on missiles, since that ship has no missiles that deal significant damage. It will make you better in a Gunship, since once you can use BLC effectively, you can translate that to close quarters fighting in a Gunship. Overall, anyone who ever learned to fly the T2S ( to a sufficient standard) was also a recognized threat / Ace.

So if you are looking at this forum for ways to improve, if you've been in GSF a while and hit a plateau, or if you just want to challenge yourself, make this your goal.
-Luc Nodaro