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!! Recruiting Imp. Side !! NiM Progression Team Ninja <Guild Nerfherders>

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!! Recruiting Imp. Side !! NiM Progression Team Ninja <Guild Nerfherders>

iNDiE_'s Avatar

05.16.2022 , 05:35 AM | #1
Hello, Team Ninja is recruiting for NiM Content.

What roles Team „Ninja“ is looking for:

- 1 DPS

Raiding Schedulle:

Thursday, Sunday, Monday – 9 PM – 11 PM CET

First, you should know that it will be a newly formed group with experienced raiders, also in the Guild, not only in the Group! (You dont need to join the guild to be a part oft the raidteam)

What can the Team „Ninja“ offer you:

- Mature and friendly atmosphere with no attitude
- Firm but fair Raidleader who deals with Group issues like poor attendance/performance/conduct
- No „clicky“ groups within the guild who get preferntial treatment
- An active Discord Server
- Experienced players
- Some Crafters in the Guild (Augments 74 & 77)

Team „Ninja“ is looking for:

- Experienced raiders who are looking to step up to the challenge of NiM raiding (Important: Have all old NIM + Timers done)
- To Treat your fellow Teammates with respect
- To be able to understand spoken English, we using Discord
- To know your class and role well, possess solid raid awareness and perform up tot he standards of hardest content in game
- To be able to follow instructions by the raid leader
- To be active player and sign up for raids on regular basis
- To use StarParse
- Be already Geared, Item Rating 330 and have atleast Augments 74)

How to apply or get in contact:

Discord: alex_xyz-nurreal#7867

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05.29.2022 , 08:57 AM | #2
recruiting again

Megamibastet's Avatar

06.03.2022 , 02:31 AM | #3
Hello, healer looking for NiM team spot, Bastet#3024

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06.04.2022 , 07:03 AM | #4

iNDiE_'s Avatar

06.04.2022 , 07:04 AM | #5
Quote: Originally Posted by Megamibastet View Post
Hello, healer looking for NiM team spot, Bastet#3024
If you want to talk, add me please