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In Memory of a fallen friend Hamlinius

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In Memory of a fallen friend Hamlinius

ipikki_oukami's Avatar

05.10.2021 , 09:31 PM | #1
I have some bad news to report. Our long time friend Hamlinius and one of the first people to help us when we ran the server summits for Begeren Colony has passed.

Hammy was pivotal in helping our gsf community activity stay strong before the server merges along with many others. The Legion of Jedi was the guild he was leading.

I just got into contact with him before the heart surgery that led to his passing. We talked about old times and some new stuff coming out.

Hammy was mostly a rp and galactic star fighter pvp player. Always willing to lend a hand sometimes with a witty quip. We will miss him dearly. Keep those skies safe old friend and rest in peace.

I would like to petition bioware to create an npc or plaque in the gsf area in commemoration of his efforts and his memory. Could anyone who believes this to be a worthy goal please post here. We could use your support in this.

~Dezz'revas The Revas Order
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KnightEmrys's Avatar

06.12.2021 , 08:22 AM | #3
May he rest well among the stars.

ForfiniteStories's Avatar

06.22.2021 , 04:34 AM | #4
Rest in peace, pilot.
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