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7.0 Changes are NOT what was promised.

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7.0 Changes are NOT what was promised.

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Yesterday , 04:54 AM | #31
Dw we will get a major update about 6 months or so into the expansion if not less and then those are the big class changes you will get until the next expansion, enjoy the 10 year celebration guys! as it stands with the direction its definitely a longterm step, meaning expect whatever you want to expect out of swtor with ''play how you want'' at the 20th celebration! HURRAYYYY
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Yesterday , 12:48 PM | #32
You be DECENT all you want. I for one do want to be known as a DECENT tank/dps/healer.

I want to be an AWESOME tank/DPS/healer!!

To do that, I want all the tools at my disposal. To make me choose between active abilities is asking me to fight with one hand tied behind my back. It feels like I'm a lowbie running veteran flashpoints again. Only in end content operations.

Muhammad Ali never went into a title fight wearing just one glove or with one hand tied behind his back.
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Yesterday , 03:55 PM | #33
It's why I suggested after THINKING it through a lot more the last week or two if they ONLY had revised their plan:

"I wished they limited choice to two 2 of the former 3 abilities" --dependant upon which Combat Style you choose!

Then focused on PvP Skill Tree &/or PvP specific Tactical Kit's seperate from PvE (only) ones.
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