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If all your character data got wiped ...

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If all your character data got wiped ...

SeCKSEgai's Avatar

05.11.2021 , 06:17 AM | #21
Short answer - never.

Could I do it all over again - probably.

Would I? Nope.

If it wasn't the attachment I have for certain characters I'd never have come back at all.
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ElZaguero's Avatar

05.11.2021 , 07:35 AM | #22
I would uninstall and move on. There are literally thousands of games out there to choose from, and I wouldn't tolerate being abused like that.

JediQuaker's Avatar

05.11.2021 , 07:41 AM | #23
If my character data got wiped, but I still had my collections, titles, etc, I'd probably just start a new character. 😏
I've dabbled in a few other MMOs (FFXIV being the latest), but I keep coming back to SWTOR for various reasons. (I must be addicted to forum 'warnings' 😂 )

In some ways, I almost hope this happens. That is, they do an SWTOR 2.0 that only carries over some of SWTOR 1.0's stuff.
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