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Can I get some Lethality Operative advice?

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Can I get some Lethality Operative advice?

TheRoyalPaladin's Avatar

02.23.2021 , 11:01 AM | #1
So here's my situation here Operative fam. I'm tryin' to find the right timing to drop stealth in PvP and go ham. Like. Should I drop it during teamfights in the middle of the chaos? Or should I gun it for the healer first and dish out stuns like bacon? There be my situation, any advice to help me out so I can use TF2 Spy one-liners would be much appreciated. And I know this might be small, but thank you kindly for taking the time to read this here thread. Have an awesome day all <3

Echosicar's Avatar

06.15.2021 , 03:40 PM | #2
One of the beauties of running a stealth class is the versatility and potential strategy it affords u in combat. Generally speaking, the operative scoundrel kit isn't designed to be in the thick of it, fighting enemies head on, it's much more effective as a hit and run skirmisher and harraser. So yes, scanning the battle beforehand and picking out the weak links in the enemy team is a great strategy. If you see an ally working on an opponent but can't quite finish them, your surprise attack can be enough to tip the balance.
That being said, lethality/ruffian is much better suited to team fights that concealment/scrapper since u can sustain aoe pressure on the enemy. So often it will be up to your judgement in the moment. But more often than not, you will make a bigger difference singling out a kill target and focusing on them.
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