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More Companion/Personnel Options(?)

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More Companion/Personnel Options(?)

Evolir's Avatar

04.11.2022 , 11:18 PM | #1
Any chance that there could be a way to have the physical person or companion rather than a holo? Some companions and personnel are of course the actual person. But I'd personally love an option to choose so that way the ones that only display as a holo can be solid.
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LittleEwina's Avatar

04.16.2022 , 04:26 AM | #2
I have seen several posts asking the same thing, and also the ability to change the pose of the personnel decorations since it feels pretty ridiculous to have only standing characters when there's chairs everywhere but just like posts asking for bigger x and y axis, and the addition of a z axis, I haven't seen any answers from BW so I don't have a lot of hope. Though it would be nice if they also added the other temporary companions as deco, if we can have Marr, why can't we have Satele, Acina, Revan, etc? Anyway since it's the 10th year anniversary maybe we will finally gets what people have been asking for, I hope.
Anyway, if that wasn't clear, I want it too. Holos are nice but having to place a droids around everytime so it doesn't looks like the holo comes from nowhere is annoying.

Iceslasher's Avatar

04.16.2022 , 01:52 PM | #3
Talking about people in chairs I really would like that especially for our Guild ships, having everyone standing in front of the computer systems kinda looks sad , we have chairs behind them but hopefully we will be able to get personnel sitting in front of them. OH on side note, WHERE IS TORIAN CADERA STATUE!!!!

depizan's Avatar

04.24.2022 , 05:56 PM | #4
Having physical rather than holographic companions in our strongholds would be amazing, even if we had to sink a few credits or cartel coins into it. So would the ability to set simple poses (sitting, meditating, maybe a wall lean or resting a hip on a table, lying down, etc) for our personnel and companion decorations.

I've mentioned this elsewhere on the forums, but I'd also love to see the ability to put our characters in our strongholds as decorations, either holographic or physical. They could put a "make yourself a decoration" booth on the fleets and charge credits, cartel coins, or even a variety of other in-game currencies. (Not as in you have to have X, Y, and Z, but as in you can use X, Y, or Z.)

atratcalif's Avatar

04.30.2022 , 07:09 PM | #5
My personal wishlist for personnel is to have a group of them or individual personnel that move around your stronghold in a hook's radius or something. Just to have them walking in random routes and such. It'd make a stronghold feel more alive.