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Needing Medal of Commendation vendor.

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Needing Medal of Commendation vendor.

Taurax's Avatar

01.23.2022 , 03:46 PM | #1
At the cap of 1000 of them today, unable to upgrade armor with not enough Aquatic ones. At some point going to just lose them when this goes live.

If you decide to make one, perhaps some reusables, to have us always have something to spend on. Useful things like dyes, high level companion gifts.

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Falensawino's Avatar

01.26.2022 , 09:18 PM | #2
I've been buying 320 conquest gear from the basic conquest gear vendor and deconstructing for tech frags.

When live comes around, I wont be doing this because it costs credits to buy the 320 gear with medal of commendations. I'll just have to live with always being at 999 max cap for medal of commendations
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