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Ideas for GSF style and balance changes...

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Ideas for GSF style and balance changes...

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06.28.2019 , 04:40 AM | #1
Now this isn't an I just want to complain thread, I have some questions and Ideas that I want to get out there. Things that nay be able to be implemented to improve the GSF experience all around for many players both old and new alike.

I'm going to start with some balance issues not in the MM but in ship design/execution. The Strike Fighter and scouts are pretty well designed for their functions and I would make no changes to the Strike Fighter unless someone else who knows more about them than me wants to make their own recommendations on them. I would suggest adding an option to the Scout ships of adding a secondary weapon that replaces their projectile weapons with a short term (30 - 45 secs) Hyperspace Beacon allow a team to "jump" to it's location while active. This could work by using a system pop like flagship summoning but instead of a click on the mouse have it assigned a hotkey that can only be used at that time. This would be countered by giving bombers the opposing option of an Interdiction Mine. These would change the face of Domination and even TDM by allowing and countering rapid deployment forces which is what scouts are for. I say that because in my experience in different games and games types Scout and Recon classes were rarely heavily armed and were meant to get information and or facilitate rapid response/deployment.

Gunships are my favorite ships since the beginning, I like the sniper concept behind them but they have that whole sitting duck issue. While flying and firing their main lasers don't change anything except maybe give them beefier armor but even that should be a component if the player wants it. On the other hand, Snipers on ground (not so much in this game) usually have cover and terrain advantage that don't typically exist in open atmosphere and space. My suggestion for this is two fold as Strike Fighter and scouts can both close distance extremely fast and take out gunships while in Sniper mode the first thing would be to extend the range of the gunships main gun to allow them to be fired from further out. while they already have the best range it the game it is far shorter than what could be possible without throwing the balance completely off even if the increased that range by 50 to 66%. The second this is while in sniper mode make one or two component options for the "Shields". #1 - going into sniper mode grants a massive Hardness and recharge boost as all engine power in diverted into the shields give the gunships the time and ability to survive to actually line up shots on the smaller a faster ships with being insta-killed by the "pile driver" or other high burst builds while hanging in space, maybe even take a hit or 2 from missiles on the shields before being blown from space. #2 - This going more in line with the '"sniper" having cover idea, while in Sniper mode the pilot can use the terrain such as asteroids, capital ships or any structure in the game to "hide" themselves. Not a true cloak because in the SW universe those are exceedingly rare and would blow balance out but a form of passive/active stealth. Being in sniper mode would activate a sensor suppression that would make the ships more difficult to detect by using less power, dampening the energy signature so to speak and make it so you had to get a 30% or so (this are just guesses and estimates for distance and I know they would need testing for balance issues) to be picked up and targeted. This would also make missile locks harder by either adding a small amount of time or shorting the lock on range for effective targeting. Those are my two ideas and I'm sure you other players as well as the Devs may be able to come up with others and I'd be interested in hearing about them.

Bombers - bomber in my limited experience have some effective options and some drawbacks. Bomber are usually slower and less maneuverable than their counterparts but usually make up for it with armor, escorts and in many cases gunnery crews handling point defenses and out bombers do seem to share these traits to a point. First of lets get back to the Interdiction mine I mentioned, it's been a while since i delved to deeply into the Bomber and think they already have something like this so it may be just a different way to use it. The idea is in a Domination match they could deploy these only 1 active at a time per active bomber, I say it that way to a bomber can't just plant on of these near a Domination objective, go die and come back in a different type of ship or in an new bomber and plant another at a second Control Point. These would have a longer lifespan that and Scout's Beacon but could be targeted and destroyed like the other turrets and mines. The idea would be that a Hyperspace beacon wouldn't be able to be active within 2 to 3 thousand meters making jump to the point ineffective for rapid response to an enemy trying to take control of the point and also aid in defense. The mine would be a double edge sword as friendly Hyperspace Beacons would also be blocked. This reflects established "facts" in cannon as Interdiction Cruisers keep both the enemy and allies from entering hyperspace and also drag ships that pass into their range from hyperspace early. A way to add some surprise to this would be to allow the Beacons to be dropped and work but have them jump pull them out at the edge of the mines area of influence. While that would make thins a little more interesting it understand it would be harder to implement as well. Another change for Bomber/Mine-layers is to allow for on of the secondary weapons (ie- mines, turrets) to be swapped out for a Laser Anti-Missile system or LAMs. This would be used by Defensive configured bomber in Domination matches currently and could be adapted for some of the ideas people have put forward like Attack and Defend, Escort and even Capitol Ship fights where the comber would need to be used in defense not just offense with massive burst damage. The Bombing run idea for these scenarios could also be implemented by again trading an existing weapon slot for a "Space Bomb" weapon. In the old X-Wing/TIE-Fighter games Space bombs were heavy, high Damage slow moving projectiles that were designed for quickly destroying the big ships. They were also target-able so were most often used but the crazier (read better) bomber jocks who could get close to the Capital Class Ships without being destroyed so they were harder for the opposing defenders to shoot them down before they got to their target.

Implementable Match Type Ideas:
#1 - The GSF Voidstar like scenarios - the attacks are given multiple control points along two paths to capture and hold long enough a Capital Ship to arrive and activate a new spawn point until they last single point is a final target to be captured or destroyed such as a planetary defense platform for destroy or a research space station for capture. 1 Big difference is that each path unlocks independently from the other so the defenders or attackers can Choose to focus on one path making attack harder and defense easier to to split their forces across the 2 or 3 paths available. This would also make great use of the Hyperspace Beacons and Interdiction Mine ideas.

#2 - Skirmishes - smaller 4v4, 6v6 or 8v8 type matches akin to arenas, 3 respawns so 1 screw up doesn't end the match for you but also only 1 round, last team with a dog in the fight wins. Straight forward idea but these would need their own Queue. These would also allow for rapid popping of runs.

#3 - Furball - similar to Skirmished and Team Death Match but an every man for himself fight, spawns are at the edge of the map so as not to allow spawn campers damage immunity for 15 seconds or until you are are at a certain range from spawn point, any ship no in this immunity phase will be fired upon but high damage defensive turrets wile in range of the spawn points.

#4 - Escort - I'm sure you all pretty much have the idea behind this but it would also be good for smaller teams,

That is all for now, looking forward to hearing your thought out opinions and Ideas on this
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