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Official Q&A Thread for April 20th, 2012 Q&A Blog Post

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Official Q&A Thread for April 20th, 2012 Q&A Blog Post
First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

gibmachine's Avatar

04.06.2012 , 04:56 PM | #11
Are there plans on fixing tab targetting? Currently it's absolutely broken i.e it's constantly targetting mobs / players that are virtually not on the screen even if the mob I actually want to target is right before my face.
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Obelisk-Kai's Avatar

04.06.2012 , 05:02 PM | #12
I read that your current plan is to release operations consisting of 4-5 bosses each so that the experience of raiding them isn't too overwhelming, but I am concerned that as a result you are 'fracturing' tiers unnecessarily.

If we consider Explosive Conflicts as the first half of tier 2, and whatever operation comes in 1.3 to be the second half, then tier 2 is going to consist of four to five months of Explosive Conflict and then two to three months of whatever Operation comes next.

Would it not be a better plan to craft two operations at a time, meaning the raiding community has a choice of what to run at any given time, without having to face an extended run over a period of time in one Operation, and a curtailed run in the other Operation of the same tier which could be released months after?

Wolvan's Avatar

04.06.2012 , 05:13 PM | #13
Are you still on track to provide server transfers for Asia-based players in April? We have not received the promised emails in March and are getting anxious that this has dropped off your radar.

caronome's Avatar

04.06.2012 , 05:21 PM | #14
Would you care to comment on your reasons why the GTN/Mail limits are so [IMO] tiny?

I have five crafting professions at 400 and OCD not logic will drive me to max poor armstech. I want to avoid six slow logout and six log in screens; it is easier to just buy everything on one alt. But it is quite easy to exceed the 200 item mail cap just from purchases. Add in expired auctions and character/character transfers (/beg legacy bank) and I am way over.

I would emo-rage-pout :-) in different ways whether Bioware thought this was just a "let's see how performance and bots behave" launch phase versus "working as intended". The existing system works fine if you want to make a few items for yourself and an alt or two. If your "Elder Gaming" is crafting, then existing constraints are quite constraining.

Other game: Blizzard dev posted that mail transfer works well for a few dozen items between friends/alts but in retrospect they wish they did not also use it for AH(GTN) transactions. I think I managed to buy 600 items while waiting to kill Deathwing (WTB prompt raiders.) When some special snowflake puts up forty single items and that generates forty mail messages, it can add up.

Soullessone's Avatar

04.06.2012 , 05:21 PM | #15
what is being done to address the low populations across a lot of the servers? On my server Anchorhead it has become literally impossible to get groups together for FP and operations.
BW more worried about 1.2 than the state of server populations.

LorreMaster's Avatar

04.06.2012 , 05:21 PM | #16
In the original Knights of the Old Republic games, light-side and dark-side played a big role in the game. It changed the storyline and you received bonuses for being maxed out. What bonuses are there for reaching the different light-side or dark-side leve now that it has been removed from the items? Are there any current plans to expand on this aspect of the game?

DSyndri's Avatar

04.06.2012 , 05:28 PM | #17
What is the reasoning behind the change to Corso Riggs' Harpoon? We are 4 months past release and you are making a major change that has a negative impact on most Scoundrel and some Gunslinger playstyles. This is a huge change and many in the Scoundrel community would like an official explanation for why you are ruining the only companion we can use effectively.

DesonEQ's Avatar

04.06.2012 , 05:33 PM | #18
Are there plans to introduce a mentoring/Sidekicking system? It's already hard to stick with friends and harder still to invite new ones because the lack of such a system all but requires making new characters and tying them to only one group of friends.

SupernovaRU's Avatar

04.06.2012 , 05:33 PM | #19
I watched the video about saving the new changeable HUD layout, and lately I've been learning to keybind and remap my combat and movement keys to get away from mouse-clicking all the buttons for more fluid actions. In 1.2, will we be able to save the keybind changes we've made on one character to import to another? It saves having to make the same keybind changes to the quickslots for every alt, and it would be icing on the cake to be able to pre-map abilities to those slots - even those that you haven't already gotten yet but will do so in the future.

For example, when I change from DPS to Healing on my Sorc, I have to sort around all my icons again to match with the preferred keybound quicklots. It would be easier to have a DPS version of the HUD saved and able to be swapped out with the Healing version, with their specific ability icons included.

Tigron-C's Avatar

04.06.2012 , 05:41 PM | #20
My question is about the philosophy behind the Skill Tree system. It's clearly based on another game's system which is now being completely redesigned. Given the reasons for the change, why did you go forward with the Skill Tree system as it currently stands in SWTOR? Have you considered using a different model, and if so, can you give us an example or two?