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Commando Feedback Thread

First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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12.12.2021 , 02:05 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by arunav View Post
This is a general problem with the 7.0 leveling/class ability redesign. There's too many levels where the player has too few abilities to make the game engaging, particularly early on. Given a lot of folks who try out the game either continue or quit based on playing through and leaving the capital planet (I recall a developer citing this stat once), it may be prudent to allow access to a couple more "exciting" abilities earlier on in the level process.

On live currently, it's a generally smooth rate of gaining new abilities and having them sync together, starting at level 10, after gaining some baseline ones on the starter world, even if classes don't feel mostly together until much later on (level 65-75, depending on class/spec).
So far, I tried Commando and Shadow on 7.0 PTS, and I think that Shadow does not suffer from this, si it seems like not all classes have this problem? Shadow felt pretty well put together and relatively exciting (stealth into a pod, backstab, AoE, rock, most of pod dead).

But Commando is pretty dull

Quote: Originally Posted by arunav View Post
As a separate matter, as others have noted, classes are basically locked out of playing FPs in any reasonable way at lower levels.
Correct me if I am wrong, but aren't all lowbie FP the kind where you do not need roles? It definitely sucks Shadows get Taunt so late (should get it at same time as Guardian), but it is not like anyone is tanking or healing in lowbie FPs that often (in my experience)
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12.12.2021 , 02:09 AM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by Taurax View Post
Discipline training with mirror classes is either not working, or intuitive.

I chose commando, BH storyline. So I'm an Imperial Commando right. But even though it says I switched disciplines on the Char sheet, and say I learned things, I didn't.

My Hutt trainer toy I got in my mail, says cant learn these on my discipline.

Went to Imperial station to train a discipline, none of the trainers allow me to, as they are all the Imperial trainers.

So, either I'm not understanding something (as no new player tutorials for this in game), or doing something wrong, its not working.

Also, level 18 with only Charged shots and Explosive rounds spamming is boring.
As far as I can tell, all abilities outside of Speeder piloting are now acquired automatically as you level up, making trainers mostly pointless. I got the "you are the wrong discipline" error when I tried learning ability that did show up at the trainer, but was higher level (High Impact Bolt, a L15 ability, while I was L12).

And yes, the tutorials (accessible from Esc menu or from the big question mark on your screen if you are new) need reworking to explain the new systems a bit.

And definitely, Commando just feels boring at lower levels.
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12.12.2021 , 05:08 PM | #13
This is an update to a previous post. Playing as a Traditional Trooper-Commando from level 9 to level 11. Playing with no stim or XP boost.

I am still OK with not getting abilities yet (Level 10 I did get SuperCharge. ). With our 1st level abilities, what we have works ok and I feel like a Commando.

I got to the Seperatist Stronghold at 9th level and the difficulty was just right for a newish player. I now have to start using Charged Bolts when a Silver is in the Mob due to energy concerns- as opposed to spamming Explosive Round previously.

The amount of loot seemed just right, I was feeling the sense of reward and progress without feeling like they were "easy to get"/cheap.

Overall I feel everything is working well once I got to the Separatist Stronghold at 9th level.

On a related note: When I am at a Trainer and "Show All" and "Sort by Level", The abilities do not sort correctly.

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12.14.2021 , 03:56 AM | #14
Quote: Originally Posted by JackieKo View Post
With PTS now live, you can help test the Combat Style for the Commando.

Please answer the following questions:
  • Does the current combat rotation make this experience feel like you are playing a Commando? Why or why not?
  • As you’re beginning from level 1, do you feel you have enough abilities that keep gameplay interesting?
  • Are you able to defeat enemies at a reasonable rate?
  • Do all your abilities feel like they’re working together?

Please note your feedback accordingly so we can track it. Feel free to answer in as much detail as possible to help us understand your thought process and line of thinking.

Thank you!
I've been main commando healer for quite some time, doing all end-game content. As a summary before my actual review, I will say what you did to commando is complete injustice. Let's see why.

[*]Does the current combat rotation make this experience feel like you are playing a Commando? Why or why not?

Not at all. And I am not saying because of lack of defensives, but I will get to that as well.

1. First major flaw is that you removed Reserve Powercell from the class, which is crucial for ammo management as a healer. Instead, I end up without ammo quite fast in even MM Fps, which shouldn't happen. Again, I play nim raids and pvp with this class on live, so I am pretty sure I know what I am talking about.
2. Recharge Cells doesn't work properly even if you select Cell Capacitor utility. It doesn't give extra 15 cells and gives back only about 1/4 of total cells you can have, which is not enough in the endgame content unless you reduce cooldown drastically.
3. Choice between Echoing Deterrence, Hold the Line and Cryo Grenade is one of the stupidest things someone could've thought of. For PvE, it is not a big deal. But in pvp every class needs to have a stun, a way to avoid being stunned constantly (hold the line), and a way to survive if being globaled by enemies. Commando healers are usually focused on quite a lot in pvp, so they basically need all 3 of these to survive long enough to be useful.
4. These changes look like they are focused more on completely nerfing the class so no one would play it instead of making it par in par to other healer classes.
5. Diversion (aka threat drop) is now a choice, which is very bad for healers, since one of the choices is double instant use of abilities. There is no healer who would pick threat drop over that. And threat drop is very much needed as a healer. I did 2 opses and several FPs, and basically had to heal myself all the time because I couldn't lose threat when tank's aoe taunt was out of cooldown. This will be a very large issue in fights like Thrasher, where it is basically a must to use threat drop once you are pushed up the arena, if tank is not there to aoe taunt, or if the aoe taunt is on cd. So, one of the possible solutions is to either give us back diversion as non-pickable, but mandatory skill, or rework how threat works in the game, allowing tanks to instantly get all the threat, like in Final Fantasy 14.
6. As dps commando, things weren't that bad, changes kind of make sense for the most part. Cell management has never been an issue as dps. But, for healer spec, these changes are very, very bad. I really hope you will reconsider some choices, and fix the broken abilities/utilities, like you did with sorc healers.

[*]As you’re beginning from level 1, do you feel you have enough abilities that keep gameplay interesting?

As dps, gameplay feels ok from low to high level. However, as a healer spec, it is not enjoyable and very lackluster.

[*]Are you able to defeat enemies at a reasonable rate?

Yes, dps spec wasn't an issue.

[*]Do all your abilities feel like they’re working together?

No, lack of Reserve Powercell, broken Cell Capacitor utility, and lack of Hold the Line makes the class very slow and not interesting, compared to what we have right now on the Live server.

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12.18.2021 , 02:04 PM | #15
I've played the first 20 levels using the commando combat style now, and I have to say this initial leveling experience not only feels unsatisfying - it instills bad habits into the player by teaching them to prioritize a useless ability over abilities that later become crucial.

From the beginning, you are given hammer shots (basic attack) and explosive round. Shortly after, you gain access to charged bolts. Here's the problem: charged bolts is inferior to explosive round in every single way. It does less damage than explosive round, has to be casted while standing in place, suffers from pushback, and does no aoe splash damage. Thus, the player immediately concludes that charged bolts is useless and explosive round is a fantastic ability. In reality though, charged bolts (and its replacement, grav round) is an essential part of both commando dps rotations at endgame, while explosive round is basically useless (even with assault spec passives, it is almost always better to use something that generates supercharge stacks).

To make matters even worse, the player is not granted any additional offensive abilities until level 15 when you get high impact bolt. But that has a 15 second cooldown so you're still left spamming explosive round in between for the next several levels. So basically, all I was doing through Nar Shaddaa was spamming explosive round, which is frustrating both from the perspective of a player wanting to use a greater variety of cool abilities and from the perspective of an experienced commando player who knows this ability really has very little reason to justify its own existence once you reach endgame.

On live, I believe the player is granted a signature spec ability when they reach level 10 (e.g. grav round for gunnery). Here though, I don't get anything unique to the spec until I hit level 23. Swtor has never done a great job of teaching rotation through level up, but this not only doesn't teach, it doesn't give a low level player any idea at all of what their spec is like. If I were a brand new swtor player and I picked commando, I would probably quit within the first 20 levels (or at least play another class) because spamming one ability constantly is not fun at all and all of the "fun factor" abilities are not granted until after investing a significant amount of time progressing though story/levels.

Given the design philosophy for 7.0 is ability pruning to make it easier for players to learn rotations, I am utterly baffled that explosive round not only still exists but that the player is beaten over the head with a hammer for the first 20 levels that they should be using this ability which plays zero role in either dps spec rotation.

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01.19.2022 , 08:59 AM | #16
I just want to comment that having a threat drop and the raid wide Alacrity buff be actual choices instead of baseline is really poor design.
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