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The weird people you meet in Group Finder.

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10.20.2014 , 08:34 AM | #5181
Quote: Originally Posted by thewitchdoctor View Post
I am confused. I just cannot wrap my brain around this.

Right click the target? As in, to open a contextual menu? Like with a player toon to get the option to trade, etc.? I've never thought of that to even try that.

Did they say why? And what contextual options do you get? I now must try this next time I am ingame.
Right click as in "Execute the attack bound to Quick Slot 1", as in "Physically clicking the enemy's hit box".

By the way, when you right click the portrait of enemy NPCs, you get the option to place a target marker on them (though in Ops you'd have to be at least Lieutenant to do that I guess).
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10.20.2014 , 11:29 AM | #5182
Running atheiss SM with my scoundrel healer. The group is 1 sent, 1 mando dps and a shadow "tank". We get going and its clear our tank is actually a dps who doesn't speak a word of english (the server language) and none of us understands the version of foreign he is using. At the first boss the sent has to pull just like he has all the way through so far as the tank doesn't seem to realise they are tank (shadow stance) so doesn't pull first. However the shadow does fill the chat with foreign words which I assume is him telling us to hurry up and pull.

We kick him after that, well the other 2 do, I'm not fussed with carrying this guy as the mando dps is damn good and the sent tank actually uses his DCD's (which is better than a lot of tanks I heal for). Go through most of the mission, with me using corso and getting some practice at healing whilst controlling a tank comp around fight mechanics (switch off his DCD's so I can throw them for him when he really needs them). I feel I ought to apologise for the poor control I have over my companions but both dps aren't too fussed, the mando even saying he still struggles with controlling a tank while healing. 2 patient people (1 of whom is a sent) who don't mind my lack of experience in controlling comps. I nearly die of shock.

Get beast of Vodal done and get started on the champions in the temple behind. During the second champion fight we get a new tank. He gets to us and is in shien form. At least he pulls, but melts and it turns out his gear is a mix of lvl 4 - 12 stuff (in atheiss). I ask him to switch to soresu to lighten my load in the healing. He says he holds aggro better in shien.

Tbh I have heard many of people claim they can tank in shien, yet fail completely at it, but I wont judge before seeing this guy try it so I leave it at that and decide to actually pay attention to where aggro is, see if I have finally met 1 person (of the many who try) who can actually do shien tanking. it was hard to tell on the 1 fight this guy had just tanked as it was a sith sorc champ so there were so many aoe's I couldn't tell who had aggro just by looking at damage people are taking.

Therefore on the next few pulls I pay attention to where aggro is, to see if mr "I tank better in shien" is correct. He is taunting on CD and only has aggro during his taunt debuff, all the rest of the time its on the mando. Yet another 1 to add to the list of shien tanks who cant hold aggro.

I whisper the mando ask him if hes ok tanking, ill do my best to keep him up." He (rather politely) states he doesn't mind tanking when hes with a healer who can out-heal all the damage.

We finish up with mando tanking the prophet, except for the times when the guardian taunts, but as soon as thats worn off he turns to mando again. I thank everyone and leave. I decide to leave the guardian off my ignore as for all I know he might be new, maybe I will meet him again and he will have learnt (im an optimist).
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10.20.2014 , 11:51 AM | #5183
Quote: Originally Posted by Darkelefantos View Post
Right click as in "Execute the attack bound to Quick Slot 1", as in "Physically clicking the enemy's hit box".
Yeah, he was doing this. Honestly I don't even understand how someone could be that dumb... it's not even a normal way of attacking, it's like he went out of his way to be bad.
Quote: Originally Posted by idnewton View Post
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10.20.2014 , 11:58 AM | #5184
Quote: Originally Posted by Darkelefantos View Post
Right click as in "Execute the attack bound to Quick Slot 1", as in "Physically clicking the enemy's hit box".
I still have no idea what this is referring to, and I was not even aware that "right clicking" on a target would accomplish anything at all in combat.

I sometimes will left click on a target in combat, if it is not the next in my indicated tab order. And if you fire an AOE ability you can left click to drop the AOE target on the ground where you want it (assuming you're not just using double tap to drop on your current target).

But I had no idea right clicking would do anything. This must be a default binding that I unbound ages ago and forgot about forever.

Are you saying that right clicking on a combat target will by default fire your Slot 1 ability at it? Cause that seems pretty damn useless in any situation, and unexpectedly annoying in a lot of cases besides.

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10.20.2014 , 12:23 PM | #5185
Quote: Originally Posted by Heezdedjim View Post
Are you saying that right clicking on a combat target will by default fire your Slot 1 ability at it? Cause that seems pretty damn useless in any situation, and unexpectedly annoying in a lot of cases besides.
Yes, and it is quite as annoying and useless as you imagine. I regularly hold my right button down to move my camera around, and one time I face-pulled NiM Nefra on my op healer because I was just absentmindedly looking around with the camera while Nefra was targeted.

Exactly WHY they hard-coded Slot 1 to the same button as camera movement escapes my understanding.

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10.21.2014 , 04:25 AM | #5186
Quote: Originally Posted by Darkelefantos View Post
Right click as in "Execute the attack bound to Quick Slot 1", as in "Physically clicking the enemy's hit box".
Well, damn, that's a new one. Quite possibly a new low, too. I think I need alcohol now.
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10.21.2014 , 06:10 AM | #5187
Quote: Originally Posted by ZeroPlus View Post
You do realize that the people who meet the criteria on the list are not the norm, right? You also realize that they, and only they, are the ones who make the "3DPS + Healer" in 55 HMs possible, right? Same applies to the Mando run you mentioned.

People who know what they are doing can do the content without being overgeared for it, and many times without being specced or even specifically geared for it (depending on the content). Unfortunately, these people are as rare as teeth on a hen in PUG land.
This reminded myself when i was tanking few weeks ago.

I usually use my guardian as tank in 55 HM FP's to get faster queue pops (PUG'ing most times). For some reason i was in my dps gear and spec. FP popped right away and i started it. I put on tanking gear (Mostly 168 with few 180.) but forgot to respec so was actually in full Vigilance spec. Funny part is that i realized that when we were almost done FP and i didnt have any issues with aggro or healer healing me. No one complained so i just carried on as they didnt notice anything
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10.21.2014 , 06:36 AM | #5188
Had a nice Foundry SM yesterday on my Concealment Operative. Queue popped almost instantly - which is not usually a good sign for a DPS - but the team is not inside yet, so no worries.

We zone in and say our hellos. Everything is ok, we're all geared pretty well. Ok, the other DPS, a lvl 40 Sorc, is kind of undergeared for his level, but not massively. The best thing is, after the ritual hellos, he writes this in chat. I have to quote it exactly because it warmed my heart.

"Hey guys, this is my first time here, so please, do tell me if I need to know something."

I was SO happy! And hte Sorc was actually a pretty good player, mind you, who knew his stuff - Lightning speeced like my main, so I know a bit about it - and was polite and ready to do what we told him to.
CC the marked target? Done.
Leave CCed target away? Done.
Never pulled enemies, not even once.
Threw a few offheals when things got rough on HK like I did. No deaths there.
He also was quite keen on when to CC adds during fights and where to CC them. Away from other enemies, so the CC won't be broken by attacks. And wherever they attacked the Healer and there was no other way than that to avoid a wipe - still referring to HK here.

All in all a good, weird run, since that doesn't seem to be the natural behaviour, judging from the stories in this thread.
New players, hear me: this, above, is what you want to do. Being new is no crime, but forcing others to carry you is disrespectful. Let us all have fun together, playing the way we should!
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10.21.2014 , 06:40 AM | #5189
Hear, hear.
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10.22.2014 , 09:35 AM | #5190
My oddest experiences occur when running lvl10-54 Kuat Drive Yards.

The other day I ran KDY with my lvl 43 Vanguard Tank. It flags me as a tank, and groups me with 3 other DPS. I'm not too worried because it is a tactical FP. After the first mob, one guy quits without a word. We go back in the GF and get a replacement-another DPS. We then wipe on the Elite Defender in the first area. At that point, one of the other DPS start yelling at me saying that I need to be healing. This strikes me as odd, and I explain that as a Vanguard I don't have any healing (apart from some self-heal abilities). Upon receiving this explanation, said DPS quits the group without another word.

Then for some reason, the game does not put us in GF to find another replacement. I try clicking the GF button, but to no avail. I notice that the phase belongs to one of the remaining DPS, and I ask him to click his GF button to see if we can't somehow signal the game that we need a replacement. I get silence. So I bring out Elara to be our group healer and we continue. After a while I ask the DPS again to click the GF button, or try anything to get us a replacement... again, silence.

I figure might as well get this over with. We proceed to the final boss, who turns out to be the grenade trooper. First round we wipe... DPS never turned their attention to the adds. I explain that I need their help taking out the adds, as I am tanking the boss. The next round, one of the DPS fights the adds, the other (the silent one from before) continues to just battle the boss. We wipe. Third time I figure I have come to far to quit and decide I'll do it all myself. So in the third time I kept up a rotation: cleanse grenades, hit boss with ranged attack/taunt, click kolto station for heal, attack adds until boss throws grenades, repeat. Took FOREVER, but we beat him with the good DPS helping me with adds and the other just always hitting the boss. In fact, the unresponsive DPS would rarely even try to cleanse the grenades. Once it was over, he said "thank you" and left. Oh well, at least I think I got a KDY construction kit for my trouble... didn't I? Or did I lose that roll? Hmmmm...