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The weird people you meet in Group Finder.

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06.14.2021 , 01:53 PM | #10171
Quote: Originally Posted by demotivator View Post
Again, my point was LoS'ing adds in that fight is not exactly an optimal approach. LoS is used to make ranged mobs come to you and stay on top of each other so they could be AoE'ed quickly. Melees come to you and stack on their own, there's no need to LoS them. It's waste of time, especially if they appear simultaneously and run together to the person with aggro (like in Rakata FP).

If I had to come up with the most optimal approach I'd say it's stacking up in the middle (already mentioned that). Sadly, LoS fans won that round.

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06.18.2021 , 10:10 AM | #10172
Quote: Originally Posted by demotivator View Post
This is the sad truth, lots of players, the ones who are actually clueless, take it as an insult when you explain mechanics or effective way to do things.

Even when people think that they know how to run a FP, because no one actually never taught them how to, they don't realize that they can be wrong and refuse to listen to advices. But once again this is 2021, whatever you say, no matter how you say it, people take it as a personal insult.
That reminds me of back before Mastery when Knight/Warrior was Strength, Consular/Inquistor was Willpower, etc. you had players that were like "I am a sniper, I need Aim to be effective you moron!" or "I'm a Jedi knight, I need Willpower for my force powers you moron" and no amount of trying to explain the system would work... or even worse was the many times my Sitn Assassin was kicked form a group for trying to tank in the Imperial Dancer's Outfit. She's a Sith Assassin, she wears light armor (when it's not adaptive as most armor is these days) and they would take her outfit literally, she can't tank in a bikini and kick me.
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06.21.2021 , 10:36 PM | #10173
I stopped playing with weirdos when they dropped the legacy ignore feature. Now any time I group with people who want to run ahead and pull on their own (particularly when they're not a tank) they get a ignore before the fp is done.

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06.25.2021 , 06:56 AM | #10174
I just have a question. So often i read here how 2-3 ppl in a group are annoyed by 1 idiot/******e/etc and then they leave and re queue. Why mot just vote kick that 1 annoying/problematic person? Isn't that exactly what votekick is for?

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06.25.2021 , 08:57 AM | #10175
Quote: Originally Posted by JulWolle View Post
I just have a question. So often i read here how 2-3 ppl in a group are annoyed by 1 idiot/******e/etc and then they leave and re queue. Why mot just vote kick that 1 annoying/problematic person? Isn't that exactly what votekick is for?
People do vote kick, but a story about that would (almost) always be off topic here in a thread about people being weird in flashpoints.

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06.25.2021 , 11:38 AM | #10176
Not flashpoint but operation.

So I was on the Pub side fleet and saw a TC group forming. Joined.
The leader started a childish piss fight in the gen chat, calling others names and claimed that they are some famous streamer. It took them >5min to form a TC group because they spent half of time yelling in the gen chat like a fool. Thankfully the actual raid finished without any problem (I mean, it's TC, you don't need any skill to do it except maybe the heal if the tank sucks) but I put that guy in my ignore list.

Switch toon to Imp side, saw another TC group forming. Joined.
Team formed in less than 1 min (when there were at least 2 people forming a TC group), everyone killed the droid in less than 5 min, said tyfg, and left.

Gosh, the contrast...

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06.26.2021 , 07:15 PM | #10177
Had an interesting TC today.

A healer dropped and the leader queued the seven of us. TC popped and the leader accepted so everyone else also accepted. Turns out, it wasn't the healer we were trying to match so the leader rage quit. We finished with seven with no issues but why did the leader accept in the first place if it wasn't our match?

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07.04.2021 , 01:07 PM | #10178
Had a really strange group for the Coruscant WB today. We had to wait around an hour till we started. First i wanted to do it with my 45 Sage DD. But since it looked liked there was no heal, i switched characters to a 75 Sage. Well, from there it went downhill. Lead just asked for people to join and not bothering if there were any Tanks or heals. A guild mate wanted to join and thought of logging in with a tank first. I asked the group if we had a tank. No answer. So, my guildie logged in with a DD first, but switched right before we wanted to start to a tank.
In the end we were 14 people. 3 Tanks, 1 Heal. After the first wipe i tried to write some explanations in chat. No one read it. Second Wipe. I tried again to give explanations. As before no one listened.
The WB was killed eventually. But i got nothing out of it. It didn't count for conquest and neither did i get loot. I just wastetd around 90 Minutes of my time for this. Should have done story instead.
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07.04.2021 , 02:36 PM | #10179
Had a really strange Legacy of the Rakata today. We were a gunslinger (75), a sage (60something), a sentinel (75) and me (shadow, 75). At the first boss, teh gunslinger ran to him, started fighting, while two of us (sage and me) were still outside. He did that 3 times, everytime boss reset after a while, but we didn't have time to enter, before the gunslinger started attacking again.
Then he finally stopped his attacks long enough, so we could enter - and the sentinel ran out. After that, we finally killed the boss.
On teh second boss (the guy with the many adds) I realised, that the gunslinger and the sage are in melee range instead of staying back and maybe hit a kolto while they at it. No they always ran right to the bosses and often stay in the cleave abilities.
At Arkous and the soldier (just forgot his name), they just attacked the soldier and ignored Arkous. So I tried my best, to get Arkous down, so that they can be killed roughly the same time (as it is supposed to be). Again, both ranged dds were standing exactly in front of the bosses and often wouldn't run out of stupids or attacks.
I was very glad, when that fp was over.

I had a Battle of Rishi, that was a bliss compared to that. People knew, what they were doing and we got through without problems,
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07.13.2021 , 10:23 AM | #10180
Not a "weird people" post, but quite the opposite.

I queued for a random MM FP last night. When it finally popped, it was Nathema. I thought to myself "how long will this last before everyone rage quits". 🤔

But, long story short, I've never had an easier time doing Nathema. 😍

There were a few deaths along the way, but no team wipes. (I died when I didn't notice that the droid I was hiding behind during the Guardian Droid's spinning attack, was gone, for example.)

So, weird because it went so well? 🙂
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