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Stats in PvP

debeppo's Avatar

08.10.2022 , 03:08 PM | #1

I would like to hear your opinion and which stats you have chosen or had the better experience with in PvP.

Precision: Do you use 105% precision for every DPS class or do you leave it out completely?

Alacrity: At the moment I use about 2350 alacrity for every class for the 1,4 GCD and 200-400 more for server latency, no matter if healer or DPS. Do you use more for the healer?

Crit: I'm currently at 3800-4000 for crit, the rest I put into Mastery. Or do you do everything in Crit and nothing in Mastery?

I would be happy about some feedback.
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08.12.2022 , 11:26 AM | #2
The stat pool is small enough now that it;s hard to reach Crit diminishing returns, so you can focus on crit instead of mastery
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