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*Recruiting* - casual pvp/pve Guild(s) from early BETA looking to rebuild ASAP...

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*Recruiting* - casual pvp/pve Guild(s) from early BETA looking to rebuild ASAP...

SisterPsion's Avatar

07.19.2021 , 12:17 PM | #201
I played for a couple months in 2015 and decided to give it a go again now that I have more time - that means that realistically I am a total noob. I'm planning to start with level 1s and delete my old toons, as soon as I figure out how to transfer money from old to new toon.
I'd like to join your guild please. I play EST. Character name is Xolazu.

BigBoyJeff's Avatar

07.19.2021 , 06:16 PM | #202
I am a pretty new player and was looking for a guild. I am on the republic side and if you are willing to add me my ign is Braekseli. Also I'm on star forge

OrionSol's Avatar

07.29.2021 , 09:24 PM | #203

Bria SWGer here

formerly in guild <JEDl> in SWG,

now here.

Or-ion Sol
Founder of THE JEDl ORDER (Guild Website)
"As I was, I am, I will..."

StimulatorKeez's Avatar

07.30.2021 , 12:21 AM | #204
New player here,interested in joining your Imp guild,IGN is Nefertara

Heavie's Avatar

Yesterday , 08:45 PM | #205
Very interested in joining this guild. I am an old-school SWG player looking for a guild to bring a little life to the game. The in-game name is Heaveii. Thanks guys.
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