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Game Update 3.0 Class Changes: Sentinel + Marauder

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Game Update 3.0 Class Changes: Sentinel + Marauder
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12.29.2014 , 12:58 PM | #291
Quote: Originally Posted by teclado View Post
Crippling Throw goes bye bye (10m root). That's a big deal. Riposte, gone - not a huge deal, but it limits the burst potential a little bit. Nothing new was added to make up for these things. So, it's worse in 3.0.
Was a reason ever given for crippling/deadly throw being removed?

I understand some of the other changes for balancing reasons between specs. But I still don't understand why the saber-throw root was removed.

It was useful for people who pvp, and a fun animation for players when doing dailies or other solo things.

Part of what made playing a Sent/Mara exciting were all the lightsaber abilities at your disposal. With Disciplines, some of these were split into different specs. Add in crippling/deadly throw, and the class just doesn't have the same epic feel it used to.

I have other characters to play, but Shadows and Sent DPS were my favorite melee ones. And now one of them is much less enjoyable.
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12.29.2014 , 01:31 PM | #292
I'm really noticing the absence of crippling/deadly throw - it was an important part of my rotation. Hardly ever use leg slash. After dealing with one mob, turning and throwing my lightsaber to take the aggro of another mob off my companion gave me enough time to get within striking distance by the time the saber came back to me (if too close to use force jump).

I don't PvP so have no idea about its use in that format.

Plus the animation was really cool!!

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12.29.2014 , 01:34 PM | #293
They pretty much neutralized and gutted the whole class for no apparent reason. I dont know how it wasnt obvious to them, since even before 3.0 hit it was obvious to all sent/mara players. Rest in peace!

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12.29.2014 , 02:56 PM | #294
My unwavering loyalty to this damn class still remains but unlike many classes I actually feel like we Marauders/Sentinels received the short straw, shortest from my perspective. However, while we didn't get any cool animations or dynamic changes I still am able to deliver in Warzones almost each time but that painful itch from the shorthand we were dealt I can't help but to loath some of the changes.

I thought Marauders were supposed to be the more mobile warriors in comparison to those havoc-like, heavy-armored Juggernauts yet it is they that received that significant speed boost ability enabling them to run faster than their lightly armored and squishy counterparts.

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12.29.2014 , 05:44 PM | #295
Quote: Originally Posted by Bruceme View Post
why are Mara's nerfed and Sorcs/***'s clearly buffed?
Yes this is what I think. It seems sorcs/sages are the favorite class for Bioware, and they keep improving them (with new abilities, more shields, more survivability...) while marauders keep getting even worse than before.

It was already difficult to play marauders in PVP for some reasons:
-The most important being they are melee class, which means: you have to actually reach your objective, you have to face them, you have to expose yourself (while sorcs, snipers... can attack from range, which is a clear advantage)... While they have the worst defensive skills of all the game: cloak of pain (does it really lower damage taken??? or reciprocate it to the enemy???), saber ward with its 2 or 3 minute cooldown (can't remember)... And that's it.
Because force camouflage seems completely useless to scape a fight (you dont get out of combat as assassins/operatives do with their "smoke bomb"), you get affected by things (force wave, pulse covers, and get rooted...) opposed to assassins which can get a force shroud for free.
Intimidating roar... Yes it can paralyze many targets, but you can't attack them... And in PVP too few people care about not waking these enemies, so it is useless almost all the time...

-Compared to assassins, they lack any of their fantastic stun abilities... But they will say... "Force choke now stuns 4 seconds!!!" Oh THANKS BIOWARE!!! And now it is channeled!!!! THANK YOU!!! What for?? Assassíns can stun you from stealth, can start a combat stunning you, can stun you with force stun, with whirlwind, and some can stun you with low slash. They can also scape with force shroud, the skill to exit combat and enter stealth mode, and phase walk... While marauders can't do anything against it. Really, tell me, what can a marauder do against a skilled assassin?

But against other classes, they get constantly rooted, slowed... Because since update 3.0 stuns, slows and all that stuff has been improved for many classes (every class can slow you with several moves). A marauder is half of the time rooted, standing in the middle of nowhere, far away from the enemy, unable to do anything, just watching how his HP gets lower and lower... Then you can´t reach your enemies because you are slowed, you cant jump to some (against snipers, or because you are not far enough from them to jump, but not close enough to hit them). And the other half of the time you are running behind enemies... Everyone seems a bit faster than you... I cant think why a melee class is not the fastest running (no, the buff from predation is not the solution, you can't have it always).

-And, if at least, when they finally reach their objective, generally with half HP already, they were deadly... I could understand all those mentioned handicaps, BUT:
-Annihilation has to wait to build all his potential, with bleedings and annihilation cooldown buffs (and annihilation is not a critical hit, as sorcs are given with thundering blast and really, bleeding damage is ridiculous compared to all the stuff sorcs can do for example)
-Carnage: it has been already said, abilities now on GCD, passive abilities moved to Heroic utility points...
-Fury, have never played this... Cant say... But I would guess is the only discipline viable for PVP, at least you can jump a bit more with obliterate...

-Also, many classes have something that actually heals them: sorcs, mercenaries, operatives, jugger, assassins, powertech... But what do marauders get??? UNDYING RAGE!!!!! Which not only does not protect 100% as force shroud or dodge would, but it takes half of your hp!! The only thing marauders (annihilation marauders) have to heal is they bleedings, which are ridiculous... Heal for 12% of your life when you have 30 Fury, but having to apply their bleeding for it to be of any use... This means, healing you for ~3600HP (if you have 30k), while receiving some hits over 10k, is completely useless, maybe making you last one hit longer... But it is ridiculous compared to static barrier, all healing abilities non-healer-players get, force barrier, endure bastion, defense screen, dodge, force shroud, adrenaline rush, etc...

-Before 3.0 I could play, and I was really good (many times among the biggest dps) with marauder, but now I really suck, I am constantly dying, watching how they kill me from distance because i cannot reach them, or while I am stuned. (Why undying rage cannot be used while stunned, or why does it have to be in the GCD?)

Bioware: you just made me stop playing pvp with marauders, I just can't bear it, it is EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING. All that roots, slows, stuns... people get, that I can't defend from and that I won't even ever get something similar to it. I mean, maybe people at first was amazed with SWTOR and everyone wanted a sent/marauder (being a typical jedi or sith), and you decided to nerf them to encourage everyone to try other classes. But you nerfed them too much. It is by far the worst PVP class (melee classes never were good, but now...) Really, don't you see this? OR am I confused?

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02.05.2015 , 05:35 PM | #296
Im not sure if I like the fact that reposet has been taken away I use that Ability all the time in combat as a Watchman it helps for when I solo an area and all attactks are consentraded on Me.