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Secondary Hook System

Mystic_Chaos's Avatar

09.16.2021 , 01:48 PM | #1
Not sure if it's been suggested. If a large decoration could have it's own hook system. Example, Double Wall Section (Vaiken Spacedock) is a large blank wall. Having a small or medium hook attached to that deco will allow for customization. Same for the large floor or ceiling sections introduced.

turbomagnus's Avatar

09.17.2021 , 08:18 AM | #2
I would love to see this;
There's large decorations like the Odessan Command Center that just look weird because they're these huge decorations, plenty of stations for personnel to be working at and they're completely empty with no one and nothing in them.

cutie's Avatar

09.21.2021 , 09:46 AM | #3
I think all hooks should have smaller hooks within them. This would also allow for more combination decos.

Another example are starship hooks that are downgraded into smaller layouts (like the rishi beach starship hook being converted into large/medium ring, centerpiece cross a and centerpiece cross b)- please add smaller hooks within the hooks of these configurations.

Brayla_Sana's Avatar

01.21.2022 , 03:29 AM | #4
This is a great idea.