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Funnest tanking class?

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Funnest tanking class?

Covdavil's Avatar

05.07.2021 , 03:43 PM | #1
Hello everyone,

I am looking to get into tanking and I was wondering which of the three classes is the most fun to you. I am mostly playing casual warzones and some flashpoints mixed in, so I am not that concerned with playing the 'best' class. Thanks in advanced everyone!

Dmnqwk's Avatar

05.07.2021 , 04:46 PM | #2
Not possible to answer because people have different ideas of most enjoyable.

If you do a bit of pvp, go Jugg tank is the best advice.

Each one is fun in their own right.

phalczen's Avatar

05.07.2021 , 07:19 PM | #3
I'll answer from several perspectives. And I have all six tanking classes and have tanked since the beginning of the game (but not nightmare operations-level).

From a story perspective: I think the Jedi Knight and Sith Warrior stories are the best of the 6 tanking classes, by far. I wouldn't hesitate to make a Knight or Warrior, sit back, and enjoy the story.

From a solo-leveling, solo-grinding perspective: Shadows/Assassins are the most fun if there is lots of trash to skip, especially with the Go To Sleep tactical. If I'm trying to get through a heroic Star Fortress, for example, by myself, or maybe grinding master mode Red Reaper flashpoint, the S/A is the way to go.

From a group-pve content perspective: This is the hardest one to answer. There are definitely things to like and dislike about every class. More importantly, certain boss fights, even within the same operation or flashpoint, are more fun on one class than another. In terms of being able cheese mechanics, to laugh and be able to ignore what a boss does, at least some of the time, Shadows/Assassins take the prize with Resilience/Force Shroud. Also, being able to stealth out and non-combat rez a fallen group member or even just reset the cooldown on a medpack is not to be underestimated. Second prize goes to Vanguards/Powertechs because of Hold the Line/Hydraulic Overrides, since it allows you to ignore many knockbacks. Guardians/Juggernauts really do not have any tool that allows them to ignore mechanics entirely. I do think that Guardians/Juggernauts and VG/PTs have very high survivability, edging out Shadows/Assassins in the defensive cooldown department except for stealth and Resilience/Shroud.

However, I think VG/PTs have the most tools to deal damage as a tank, more so than G/J and S/A. VG/PTs are my favorite to bring in most story modes, simply because of that reason. Energy Blast/Heat Blast does not require you to be the main tank which is extremely helpful for supplementing dps as an off tank, and I think the VG/PT has access to some really good tacticals and set bonuses to increase tank dps. On guild operation nights, as story mode heroes, being able to get through the op faster so that you have time to do a second one is key.

In terms of which one has more enjoyable alternate dps disciplines: I like Vigilance/Vengeance the most, especially to be able to dot spread. Plasmatech/Pyrotech is second. I like Infiltration/Deception well enough but not as much in operations or flashpoints.

In terms of PvP, I just don't feel completely qualified answering that question. Honestly, it often depends on the map. S/A and VG/PTs have a pull, and G/J and S/A have pushes, though only the S/A's push is a conal. That makes S/A tanks very useful in Huttball, for example. But G/J have Guardian Leap/Intercede which is just a wonderful tool to help a teammate being focused, in my opinion of course. The S/A can stealth to enemy nodes on those types of maps, which is very useful. The ability to mesmerize an enemy player, and with the correct utility avoid being stunned themselves, can mean the difference between winning or losing a match. On the flip side, S/A lack of some of survivability the other two tanks have when they are being focused. You have to remember that many of the survival tools can be useful when you are guarding another player as well, so better survival tools helps not just you, but your teammate that you are guarding. When a S/A stealths out, that only helps them, not their protectee.

So, I hope this summary helps you.
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