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The Return of Risha and Corso: Underwhelming [Spoilers]

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The Return of Risha and Corso: Underwhelming [Spoilers]

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01.31.2018 , 04:13 PM | #31
I don't know. It was short and could have been expanded. But between more companions returned this way and them having a full chapter of weak mobs to pummel through to justify their return...
Let's just say that if those are the only options, I'll pick the Corso/Risha format.

(I'd rather have a short, 20-30 minutes quest with a bit of combat in addition to the catch-up but that may be just me.)
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02.01.2018 , 09:25 PM | #32
Quote: Originally Posted by Eanelinea View Post
I saw the third option on youtube, where you pick 'so you just gave up?' Corso says (I'm paraphrasing cause I don't remember the details exactly) 'We didn't know you were even alive until just recently'

How the hell did they not know I was alive?? Whether I went Dark or Light side, we did a Galaxy wide announcement about the Eternal Alliance.

Look, I love my original companions, Risha is my smuggler's buddy and Corso is her husband and I took them both back.

BUT!! Neither of them are that important in the grand scheme of things for someone to make up an announcement to the entire galaxy JUST to imprison them. Like I said, I love them both, but them compared to me (my character) who is supposed to be the Mary Sue of the game (or Gary Stu if you play a male toon) is not important. So WHY would the two of them think someone's out to get them?

Hell, Andronikos was out raiding Eternal Fleet ships looking for me. Not sure how he didn't know I was back, but if he was on one of the ships or literally hiding under a rock, okay, but still Dude, I love this game. I love the stories we've gotten so far, and I REALLY love all my companions, but either my companions are stupid as **** or the writers eh didn't do a whole lot of research or remember what they originally wrote.
I so agree with you. I figured that the smuggler didn't know when in time they went into hiding, so her telling them they could've asked for her help was a shot in the dark. Risha's response could work if all they'd heard were some rumors later on after she was out of carbonite. It's a matter of timing to make it work. And I'm forcing it to work because I've invested way too much of my heart in this story to have it not make sense.

And Corso's response to that third question (I saw the great YouTube vid where someone had all the responses) was that they'd only heard recently that she was alive. So I'm figuring that they went into hiding while she was in carbonite, eventually heard some rumors after she was out, then after Dubrillion was trashed, came in from the outer rim, where they were lying low and out of touch and range of main broadcasts, doing little jobs for people out there. Once they were back in more central space, they heard a replay of the broadcast and Risha thought it would be more fun to lure the captain out than contact her directly.

Anyway, that's how I'm working it! Could've been soooooo much better had they taken a look back at the characters and their relationships. I hope by now they realize what they came up with doesn't really ring true to the comps and do a better job with the remaining ones still not back.

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02.01.2018 , 11:00 PM | #33
It's stuff like this that makes me feel like...
1) I've already done everything worth doing in SWTOR
2) There's nothing new WORTH waiting around to do

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12.05.2021 , 05:08 PM | #34
Oh.... I'm just done with KOTFE and trough the whole story I have been thinking WHERE IS MY OLD CREW?!
I mean come one.. ok I was gone for 5 years. But now I'm the commander of the alliance. I'm sure SOME of my old crew would seek me out and wanting to joing me?!
This whole thing feels like one thing : They didnt have time or didnt care about fixing a good link between Old Story/Class Story and the new expansions KOTFE/KOTET. I'm sure they though that many new would join and that they would boost their characters ahead of the class story anyway.
Just look at Destiny 2..... they even REMOVED the WHOLE original story. lol !
So characters we knew who played the original story red war had no explanation what so ever. But as a new player you arent that distracted by that.
So I guess this is a variant of what you see when new content gets introduced to an old game sadly. Diffrent people who decide what to do and how to do.
Its sad to see. But now I know why this felt so wierd all along! This new story is great.. sad they wouldnt link it to the old story!