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I have a certain problem

SilverCentralGod's Avatar

07.27.2021 , 03:18 AM | #1
So I started a flashpoint mission called blood hunt and I started it accidentally on veteran mode not paying attention and didnít notice until I saw how hard the enemies were for me to kill so after I killed a couple I didnít want to go through it on veteran anymore and would rather of through on story mode but every time I try to start it on story it shows a pop up that says I have progress already on a different difficulty and to reset the mission or play it on veteran and Iíve tried restarting it multiple times and abandoning the mission as well and nothing seems to work. Am I stuck having to play it through veteran mode or can I actually bring it back and start over on story mode?

phalczen's Avatar

07.27.2021 , 03:48 AM | #2
You have to reset any active phases, by right clicking on your portrait (the picture of your character to the left of your hotbar) and choosing reset all active flashpoints from the menu that pops up. This menu is called the "Portrait Menu" by the way. Abandon all occurrences of the Blood Hunt flashpoint in your mission log, except for the one that is part of the Shadow of Revan story, reset all your active phases from the portrait menu, and then talk to the shuttle courier in the Raider's Cove section of Rishi and choose the story/solo option. Phases will also reset if you log out for more than ten minutes I think.
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