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I Designed a Final Boss Fight!

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I Designed a Final Boss Fight!

BillyPotatoes's Avatar

04.10.2021 , 10:27 AM | #1
Over the past few months I designed all the mechanics for a Nightmare/Master Mode final boss, and I think it turned out to be an interesting fight. I would love to hear what people think of my fight, and I am especially interested in any comments the Devs might have.

I only used mechanics that already exist in the game in some form. Since I don't know what is/isn't possible to implement in game, I didn't want to create mechanics that would never be possible to actually put in the game.
I also tried to make the fight flow from one phase to another well, and to have the mechanics interact with each other in meaningful ways. There is a twist on the "Bosses must die together" mechanic in phase 3 that I really like.

Here it is!

ForfiniteStories's Avatar

04.10.2021 , 05:55 PM | #2
Interesting. I thought of designing a NiM boss fight myself, but have yet to go beyond concept in terms of who the boss is and their story. As a matter of fact, I was thinking of creating a new tier of difficulty beyond Nightmare called Ludicrous, exclusive to this encounter.

I was thinking that since we already have a Galactic Starfighter-themed Flashpoint, why not a GSF-themed Operation?

It'll be a superweapon developed on Iokath by the Galactic Republic, perhaps by a rogue agent or organization of sorts, in the form of a giant Flashfire starfighter. The boss is only available through the Valley of the Machine Gods Operation on NiM difficulty (after Izax), and it will be designed as the most difficult raid encounter in MMORPG history. The defeat of such a foe would be so cataclysmic (albeit impossible to achieve), Bioware would have to shut the game down to prevent the Star Wars galaxy's destruction from seeping into our own reality, nevermind their own office. After the radiation subsides, however long that will take, development of a new Star Wars MMO would then begin. If radiation is still too much of a concern, or if there is nothing left of the Expanded Universe after that incident, then the new MMO will take place in the Disneyverse where this raid encounter simply did not happen.

For this encounter, Bioware would have made my main character, Neveah Scottis, official. In her desperation to cleanse the galaxy from the likes of Strike Fighters and Gunships, vengeance for all the proton torpedoes and whatnot she was made to eat, she will merge her consciousness into the Flashfire, the God of the Universe, and become one with her favored vessel. It is up to you and your team to stop her. If she succeeds, George Lucas will have to take back control of the franchise just to produce a new edition of all the Star Wars films and replace every space ship with a Delta-7 Aethersprite/RZ-1 A-wing, for none other shall exist.

This is all just a joke, by the way.

"Nothing beats an A-wing." - Tallie Lintra, Battlefront II: Starfighter Assault