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Galactic Seasons Feedback

First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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04.07.2021 , 12:21 PM | #191
Quote: Originally Posted by Ranadiel_Marius View Post
New bug I noticed with the Mythran Hunter Set. I was up to 5/7 pieces in Collection so I destroyed a few pieces since I didn't think I was going to need them to unlock the set since Collections had already registered them as "collected." But then when I checked back later, it had dropped down to 2/7 as it seems it was only registering the items in my inventory with no memory of what I had previously acquired. Just tested by equipping and destroying an armor piece and equipping the armor did not cause it get saved either.

I just attempted to recreate this bug by rerolling one of my new objectives. The rerolled objective was complete 5 daily missions on Onderon. Completed the light the fire and ritual fight mission. I think I also had the Onderon complete 6 missions mission active at 5 missions before starting. Upon completion, the tracker went up by 2 (I assume the second was for the 6 mission mission), so I did not recreate the bug as described above. Possible the bug is just tied to the Homeworld objective, which I do not have so I can't test it, rather than the reroll system.
Per Jackie the advancement issue was just fixed so I logged back in. The daily PO remaining was once again a group objective so I clicked on the refresh and it came up as one that I had already completed (Coreward Heroics) so it is marked as completed (both dailies are checked now) but no GS points were awarded. Hopefully this is just a glitch caused by the mid-day fix. I'll check it again tomorrow.

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04.07.2021 , 12:34 PM | #192
The Daily Objectives appeared for me now. They're clear what to do, and seem fine. I've got no issue with the 'Complete unranked pvp match', it's better than the 'have to win a pvp match to progress' system that's going on with regular pvp missions.

Kind of want a bit more variety than just regular conquest objectives, but they're all very achieveable solo and in a short period of time.

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04.07.2021 , 12:37 PM | #193
Quote: Originally Posted by JackieKo View Post
Hi everyone,

The daily POs have now been fixed. You should have new ones when you log in today. If you are running into additional issues, please report it here.
Thank you. Now no more fussing on this issue.
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04.08.2021 , 01:27 AM | #194
was able to complete the 2 Daily POs now, tracking works and it is clear what to do.
Thanks for fixing it!

One thing though - don't know if this is intentional or not:
when I clicked on the Daily PO via the galactic season tab, my galaxy map opened with Onderon targeted - which (if intended) is bad for 2 reasons:
1. maybe I don't want to do that specific Daily, so I need to exit the galaxy map, open the CQ, click the Daily and hit refresh
2. at least for Onderon, there now is a free travel option for Onderon via the activity window (thanks for that btw!) - via the galaxy map it would cost 5,000 credits

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04.08.2021 , 05:08 AM | #195
Will the cost to unlock the new companion stay at 1 cartell coin? First I thought we will get him for every char, but 1 cartell coin would be okay I guess.

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04.08.2021 , 09:03 AM | #196
Logged in, and the daily reroll appears to have processed properly. Don't see any new bugs.

Do have one thing to mention though. When I used my daily reroll, I ended up with Defeat Insectoids on both Balmorra and Alderaan in my log. And with both of them present I noticed that they have different buttons despite being basically the same objective. Alderaan has two buttons ("Galactic Seasons" and "Galaxy Map") while Balmorra only has "Galactic Seasons." Not something that is super important, but probably worth fixing for the sake of consistency.

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04.08.2021 , 10:20 AM | #197
Are you able to quickly locate your Priority Objectives and efficiently track them?


Do you feel like you have agency to make decisions regarding your Priority Objectives (which aspects of the Objectives to complete, being able to complete them with friends)?

No, absolutely not, at least not with weekly objectives. People are NOT going to do content that they do not wish to engage in no matter how much you try to "encourage" them to do so. You need to let people choose two of these from a list - no rng. I'll take this a step further and say the list of weekly POs needs to be expanded to have at LEAST one set of weekly tasks for solo oriented players. Make it a combination of do things A,B,C or some other equivalent that could be completed amongst alts (sort of like how low level do X amount of missions and level up X number of times conquest objectives are now). My anecdotal experience with friends who play is that they are collectively very much against being forced to group. While I don't mind it myself I think you are alienating a subset of players who just want to play "their way", which is alone or with maybe a partner.

When tracking multiple types of objectives, is it clear which ones are your Priority Objectives versus those which arenít?


Are the Priority Objectives clear as to what needs to be done to complete them?

Not always. Today I had to do 3 heroics on Alderaan, so when I tracked it a list showed up about doing heroics on two other planets as well as Alderaan. This could be confusing.

Is it clear how Priority Objectives contribute to the progression of Galactic Seasons?

Somewhat. From the main GS window I think yes it is clear. When completing an actual PO however, the pop up banner appeared to let me know it was completed but it did not appear to have a +3 or some other measurement to show me that I had earned points towards GS and not something else.

What feedback, if any, do you have regarding the new Refresh feature on Priority Objectives?

Remove the refresh and let people choose from lists, at least for the weekly POs. I think daily ones being rng based are appropriate.

Any additional feedback you may have regarding this latest update to Galactic Seasons is welcome!

Every level needs some type of reward. It is very underwhelming to complete a level and then realize you get nothing. Also, subscribers need more of a bonus than a level per week. I think your move from 12 points to 8 points was ill advised. Subscribing in general is a bit meh these days, don't make it even more so

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04.08.2021 , 04:09 PM | #198

UI is clunky and confusing and with the need to go back and forth between new UI and conquest, not fluid at all.

Objectives are hit or miss, and one 'reroll' isn't going to cut it for some - especially weekly objectives tied to group activities.

Objectives tied to specific / named mobs are terrible without massive increases in spawns and / or reductions in spawn times - this includes some of the named WBs as well as stuff like the Voss insect mobs.

The season is too long with way too many 'filler' levels that offer no rewards.

Even with all the superfluous empty levels, most rewards are unrewarding - I completed half the season and can't think of anything I received that I was like 'WOW I'm so glad I got this'.

Deco rewards don't stack - a reward of 'Deco (10)' uses ten inventory slots.

Catch-up for credits isn't bad - the cost scaling will keep most from using it for more than a few skips, and it may actually remove some credits (doubtful it will make much of a dent, but it is worth trying).

Catch-up for CC is a terrible idea - given how bad the rewards are, I can't imagine many would - but the idea that something designed to encourage repeat playing can be skipped by paying with RL$ is a bad precedent to set - what next, conquest completion for CC, mission completion for CC?

Galactic Seasons + Log In Rewards + Conquest have a lot of overlap and feel like they were just cludged together one on top of another - did no one think to combine these systems into one simple, straightforward, and player-friendly system?

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04.08.2021 , 08:07 PM | #199
"Do couple of heroics on Coruscant" "Kill 50 random mobs on Alderaan" "Kill some insects on Balmorra" These 3 POs amount to same exact thing in my books. When it comes to POs shown so far, over thirty POs (out of 44 or so) amount to this stuff! Actual gameplay among 75% of POs differs in no meaningful way. I really hope "refresh" function at least puts all of this stuff in one same category and then ensures the replacement comes from some different category. Person switching away from " do few heroic missions on coruscant" does not do so hoping he'd get " kill some trash mobs on coruscant" instead. If refresh is just a simple random objective from pool of all objectives, then In practise " kill some mobs" is like 75% of all you will ever see.

Daily objectives should be offered by categories maybe.
* Category A: Random PO from pool of facerollable low effort solo stuff. Heroic missions, kill 50 mobs, bla bla
* Category B: Random PO from group based pve content
* Category C: PO from GSF/PvP/Ranked
* Category D: PO from some pool of..supplementary things. Space pve or seeker droid stuff or Zakuuul arena ..something. Maybe this could be a category for "bit more difficult solo content"

Have maybe 4 categories and one mission available from each every day. Have rewards max out once you do two missions out of four offered. Can refresh once/day inside a category.

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04.09.2021 , 09:03 AM | #200
The "Catch Up" option is very very expensive. It's clearly intended to be a huge credit sink but 6 billion+ is way to much for a lot of people. I think it should be capped at 250 million for a 5 month season. That is still beyond most players so you will probably still make the marketing team happy with people dropping £50 to buy 10k Cartel Coins to reach level 95. Here are the current values:

Starting At Level 0 - No Unlocks
  • Level 1 - 175,000 Credits or 100CC
  • Level 2 - 669,974 or 200CC
  • Level 3 - 1,579,300 or 300CC
  • ...
  • Level 91 - 5,605,860,864 or 9100CC
  • Level 92 - 5,760,286,720 or 9200CC
  • ...
  • Level 95 - 6,238,766,080 or 9500CC

Starting At Level 1 - First Level Already Unlocked
  • Level 2 - 494,974 or 100CC
  • Level 3 - 1,404,300 or 200CC
  • ...
  • Level 91 - 5,605,685,760 or 9000CC
  • Level 92 - 5,760,111,616 or 9100CC
  • ...
  • Level 95 - 6,238,590,976 or 9400CC