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How long ...

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10.10.2021 , 05:12 AM | #1
... will <Enslaver> lead the public listing (flagship, Rishi sh)?

We hit 1 mil prestige on the public listing on june 8th. The entire guild ( small, but awesome people ) pushed and worked for this target, like we do sometimes in conquest. Litterally out of nothing. The goal was reached within a few weeks.

Our flagship is still under construction, as the patch doubled the number of decos. A decent decorated sh / flagship needs time. Everyone into decorating knows this. We hope we can finish the work within the next 2, maybe up to 4 weeks, and are able to open the 5 currently closed rooms. I will notify you, when the flagship is filled and all rooms can be visited. And i think there will be some stunning new scenes to discover ...

Sidenote for gamblers: An underworld slot machine is near the spawnpoint. The casino is on the crewdeck, right door. There are several slot machines placed. The Rishi sh has them too!

Meanwhile feel free to explore our Rishi sh, which could be considered finished (minor changes can always happen, when new decos are added ingame). Our sh can be accessed through the stronghold panels on the fleet and Rishi. Both, flagship and the Rishi sh can be easy found. Currently Nr 1 ranked. Dont forget to select guild!

Short advertising for the guild, then i continue.

<Enslaver> is recruiting. Our negative xp bonus is legendary. Lvl 75 can hit lvl 1 within a day! We dont have a flagship, we ride the bus. And we dont have a SH, we sleep in motels. Yes, we are inactive. Nobody on all the time. And yes, it is a trap !

Some guilds can be considered to be average, but claim to be the "best". We are a small guild. Granted. But for sure we can claim the title "best" for several things.

Will keep you updated and inform you in this thread, when the flagship is finished. Maybe leave a comment here, when you visted one of them.

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10.23.2021 , 06:16 PM | #2

All former closed rooms are now open ( 4 on crewdeck, 1 command deck). Visit the new added " Room of Thrones " (command deck) and the others. What do you think ? The "BEST" decorated one?

We would be happy about a comment or two