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Shadow vs Guardian

Quekankwin's Avatar

02.16.2020 , 10:59 PM | #1
Hey, I am new to the game really trying to find my footing. These two classes really stick out to me but want to choose one to play story + xpac stories first, ultimately it will be my main.

I use to play WoW and used to play a brewmaster monk and enhancement shaman for ideas of the kind of play styles i like. I enjoy the serne and peaceful feelings in a class kind of like battlemage.

I most likley will go into a tank role also thats why these classes stick out to me.

gasxero's Avatar

02.17.2020 , 04:39 PM | #2
Guardian Tank is easier to learn than Shadow tank; and I personally think it does a better tanking job overall...

as for the stories, the imperial ones are just better imo but Jedi Knight is unquestionably superior to the Jedi Consular.

If you're into PvP the Shadow/Assassin is currently the Fotm; if you're into Raiding, i wouldn't know...can't stand that crap.

Quething's Avatar

02.23.2020 , 09:24 AM | #3
Since Blizz completely rewrites classes every two expansions or so, it'd be helpful to get a timeline for when you liked Brew and Enhance. Mists? Draenor? Legion?

Anyway Guardian is pretty straightforward. You've got some strong defensive cooldowns, decent snap aggro if you're tanking, resource management isn't really any effort. Reasonably high skill floor; the difference between a good Guardian and a bad Guardian is your situational awareness and how well you're using your group utilities, not how survivable or deadly you are. Due to cooldowns, you may find yourself filling globals with basic builder/spenders more than some people like. The class story is basically KotoR III; you're the big hero doing big heroic things, with several really great companions and the most personal relationship anyone in the game gets with one of the big lore characters (Satele likes the Knight a lot, at least light side). It has a few glaring issues but they shouldn't bother you if you're into bombastic Star Wars hero's journeys, because the bulk of it is so satisfying in that way. Also if you like rolling off the edge of the platform like a fool on your Brew you're gonna love blade blitz.

Shadow is more complicated. As a tank your skill floor is low; a good shadow is fine, but a bad shadow is squishy as hell, and you spend most of your time juggling maintenance buffs & fairly specific cooldowns with a relatively tight rotation that is extremely unforgiving of being stunned or knocked back. DPS is more forgiving, but still grapples with positional requirements or dot management. Either way you're very manuverable with excellent AoE and strong utility, but a lot of the animations and sfx lack punch. Story wise, most people find the consular lacking; both VAs lean hard into "serene Jedi," it's the most alignment-restrictive in the game (hard dark side just... doesn't work), and the story is a fairly disconnected hop from mystery to diplomacy to war depending on chapter. Personally I like it well enough and think the hate for it is really overblown - certainly the Knight has lower lows - but it definitely doesn't have the very high highs some other stories have. What it does have is stealth, which is the most awesome time-saver and annoyance-remover in the game and is very hard to lose when you go back to a different class.